How To Pull Off The Black Lipstick Trend

black lipstick
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Black lipstick has long been associated with gothic and alternative styles, often giving off a spooky or intimidating vibe. But let me tell you, when done right, black lipstick can be a stunning makeup look that exudes confidence and power. It’s time to break away from the stereotypes and embrace this bold beauty trend.

First things first, black is a highly versatile color that can instantly elevate any outfit. Whether you’re wearing a simple jeans and t-shirt combo or a little black dress, adding a touch of black lipstick will take your look from ordinary to extraordinary. It adds a sense of edginess and uniqueness that is hard to achieve with any other makeup look.

black lipstick
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How to apply black lipstick

The basic principles of applying lipstick are the same no matter what lipstick it is. But the thing about black lipstick is that every small mistake or misstep stands out like a sore thumb, due to this, it is important to apply your lipstick more precisely.

1. Prep your lips 

Before you dive into applying black lipstick, it’s important to ensure your lips are prepped for a smooth application. Start by gently exfoliating your lips with a lip scrub (we recommend this lip scrub) or a soft toothbrush, removing any dead skin. Follow with a moisturizing lip balm to keep your lips hydrated and prevent the color from appearing uneven or flaky.

Exfoliating your lips helps to remove dead skin cells and chapped lips and makes your lips smooth. Once you are done exfoliating, apply a hydrating lip balm to moisturize your lips. It is very important that you prep your lips before you apply the lipstick especially if you are using matte black lipstick since matte lipsticks can really emphasize chapped lips.

black lipstick
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2. Apply a lip liner

If you are going to use a lip liner, we recommend you overline your lips. This is because you want to counteract the impact of black, which absorbs light and makes things appear smaller.

Use a black lipliner to outline your lips with connected short strokes. Starting at the Cupid’s bow draw a small V, then gradually work your way outwards to the outer corners of the lips.

Lining your lips will help give you a much fuller lips look, unless you already have full or thick lips, then you don’t need to overline. But if you have thin lips, then we recommend you overline your lips.

black lipstick
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3. Apply the black lipstick

Once you are done lining your lips, it is finally time to apply the lipstick. So apply your black lipstick to the center of your lips, then work your way outwards until the lipstick comes into contact with the outline.

The thing about black lipstick is that, you can use any black makeup product on your lips as black lipstick. You can use your black lipliner to paint your whole lips black.

You can even use a black eyeshadow. To do this, dip a lip brush in the black eyeshadow and apply it on your lips. Smack your lips and reply more if needed.

If you’re using bullet lipstick, dab your lips with a tissue to prevent any excess makeup from rubbing off. You can also dust your lips with a translucent setting powder. This will absorb the excess lipstick seamlessly.

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4. Apply lipgloss (optional)

This last step is completely optional. If you fancy a glossy finish, then apply a lip gloss.

In a mirror, double-check your black lips to make sure your lip line is clean and even. If necessary, go over your lip line again with a black lipstick or lip liner. If the lipline isn’t clean, you can correct that with a concealer.

black lipstick
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How to pull off black lipstick

Although black lipstick is easy to apply, there are certain things you have to do if you want to be able to pull off this look.

Go for natural makeup look

It’s crucial to recognize that black lipstick is undeniably striking on its own. With such a bold hue, going all out with a full glam makeup look can easily tip the scale from trendy to overwhelming. Instead, consider the power of balance. Combining the dramatic effect of black lipstick with a natural makeup look creates a perfect harmony that exudes elegance without being overpowering.

A natural makeup look focuses on enhancing your natural features while maintaining a subtle and refined appearance. Start by creating a flawless base using a lightweight foundation or BB cream that matches your skin tone. Use a concealer to cover any blemishes or dark circles, and set everything with a lightweight powder for a fresh-faced glow.

Just eyeliner

Talking about a natural makeup look, using just an eyeliner for your eyes is also great. Just a black eyeliner and some mascara to make your lashes look longer.

Colourful eye makeup

Black is a versatile colour that matches all the other colours, so you can go for any color eye makeup to match your black lipstick. But a dark smokey eye and black lipstick will not brighten up your face. So if you are going to do an eye makeup, then try a colourful one to brighten up your face with that pop of colour.

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Silver smokey eye makeup

Another eye makeup look that you can rock with your black lipstick is a silver smokey eye makeup look. While a massive smokey eye with black lipstick is overkill, a smudge of smoked out eyeliner or a small dot of dark gray or blackbrown eyeshadow blended into the outer corner of the eye can really work pretty nicely. When achieving a smokey effect, the trick is to go light-handed and focus on the blending, and to remember that less is more.

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While the basic principles of applying lipstick are universal, black lipstick requires extra precision due to its unforgiving nature. By following these basic principles and tips, you can confidently apply black lipstick with precision, ensuring a flawless and bold look. Remember to practice, experiment, and embrace the uniqueness of black lipstick to showcase your individual style.

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