10 Lovely Bohemian Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

If you’ve decided on a bohemian wedding theme, then, of course, you are going to need a bohemian wedding dress and a bohemian hairdo to go with it.

Bohemian hairstyles are great hairstyles for brides. This hairstyle is a relaxed and free hair braid style and what defines them is the unfinished ends. So if you are going for boho, then be sure to avoid an overly done hairstyle.

I know that you would prefer everything to be perfect for your wedding, but when it comes to bohemian hairstyles, the beauty lies in the imperfections. So don’t worry about your hair not being perfect, untuck a few hair strands from your updo or run your fingers through your curls, to give it just the perfect boho touch.

bohemian wedding hairstyles
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bohemian wedding hairstyles
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The most stunning bohemian hairstyles appear to be minimal and simplistic. Hair that is healthy and falls over the shoulders in a purposely disheveled way is enticing. Bohemian hairstyles do not necessitate a great deal of attention or work.

Simple bohemian hairstyles make us swoon because of their carefree nature blended with just the right amount of appeal. The best thing about boho hair is that there are no rules for how to wear it.

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Tips for choosing boho hair accessories

Your bridal hairdo wouldn’t be complete without the perfect hair accessory to complete the look. For a boho hairdo, you can either use a floral hairpiece, hair vine, or even hairpins. Be sure to match the color of your hair accessory to your jewelry.

Hair vine

The hair vine is the latest craze in bridal hair accessories. Hair vines may be bent and sculpted into many shapes to enhance any hairdo, making them ideal for a bohemian chic aesthetic.

To complete your bohemian wedding hairstyle, hair vines can be twisted in the back of a gentle braided updo.

bohemian wedding hairstyles
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bohemian wedding hairstyles
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Hair pins

Hair pins are best for a minimalistic boho hairdo. They are simple yet gorgeous and will make the perfect addition to your bridal hairstyle. Scatter the hair pins all over your hair just like the one below.

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Floral hair piece

For a soft romantic touch to your bohemian wedding hairstyle, choose a floral hair piece.

bohemian wedding hairstyles
Image credit- theartfulhairstylist
Image credit- theartfulhairstylist
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