Effective Cell Phone Use Rules For 5 To 15 Year Olds

Cell phones have become an integral part of human life among any age group. Almost every work such as domestic, business, commercial, educational sectors is linked with a mobile phone. Cell phones have made our life easier and simpler.

With the help of cell phones, we are able to connect to people that are distant from us. From toddlers to old ones, the cell phone has won hearts. It is certain that everything comes up with both positive and negative aspects. So, cell phones should be used effectively.

Cell phone use rules for 5 to 15 year olds

Cell phone use rules for 5 to 15 years old

Being a parent, it’s not satisfactory to leave the kids alone with a cell phone. It is very normal to arise some doubts in minds concerning the kid’s habit of using cell phones.

 If used effectively, both children and parents can get benefited through the use of cell phones by children. It can maintain peace and harmony in family relations and make a happy home.

Some effective rules that can be set towards children and teenagers between age group 5 to 15 regarding the use of cell phones are discussed below

Restricting the use of cell phone during family time:

Usually, when children start using mobile, there is no end to it. Simply by setting rules not to use cell phones during personal time and meals, kids could stay away from cell phones. Set a time-up rule and make them understand why the rule is being set up so that they don’t bother.

Instead of a cell phone, teach them to enjoy the important time by talking about how their days went on school, their hobbies, and favorites, etc.

No cell phone 1 hour before bedtime:

Kids need sound sleep to remain active the next day. School-going kids need more energy and good mental health. Lack of sleep may interfere with their concentrating power and hence, make them lethargic.

Using a cell phone before sleep may also hamper their sleeping pattern. In fact, kids should not be allowed to keep cell phones in their bedrooms during nighttime.

If you let them use cell phones at night, they would chat with their friends for long hours, play games, watch cartoons or movies, and imbalance the sleeping pattern.
So, you can set up this rule.

Only include well-known friends and family members in your phone contacts:

Including closed ones in the contacts helps prevent your kids from unwanted calls, messages which may be violent or threats. You should teach them about making their phone number more private. Tell them not to share their phone numbers with strangers. Make them add only well-known family and friends in their contacts.

You can ask to see their phone contacts periodically. If they complain about that you make it clear they understand why you have provided them a cell phone. You have provided them with a cell phone so that they would connect with their close ones, not with every person available.

Managing cost is compulsory :

Kids usually don’t care about managing costs at all. They are very careless regarding cost management. They might chat unnecessarily for more time with their friends or family on text or calls, you should teach them to text or chat only when necessary and important.

Teach them to download videos, files or games only using Wi-Fi, not with mobile data. Do not use auto-download using mobile data in their cell phone settings.

Do not buy games or any other things that pop up in advertisements. It will reduce unnecessary costs. Kids should understand cost management.

No cell phone during study time :

Usually, during study time, you tend to distract easily. Kids get distracted easily by cell phones. Children want to play games, watch cartoons during study time which is not good at all.

Children should concentrate more on study and homework rather than playing games on mobile phones. Using mobile phones during study makes their mind dull.

Children and teenagers should strictly avoid using mobile phones during study. You can also add a reward and punishment game. If children complete their study time well, you can reward them and if they use mobile, punish them.

Charging cell phone, keeping it safe and not losing and damaging it:

You should set a rule to take care of their cell phone effectively and handle it with care. Cell phones should not be damaged or lost. You should teach your kids to be responsible for their cell phones.

Taking care of their things by themselves helps them to become more responsible and independent. It improves good quality in them. Your kids should know the value of their things, learn to protect their things by themselves.

Use parental control apps :

The parental control app helps to control all the activities from a kid’s device. They can also access the use of cell phones. Parents should use a fenced.ai application to monitor the child’s cell phone activities. Teen kids may object but you should make them clear about why it is necessary for both of you.

advantages for following cell phone use rules

Advantages of following cell phone use rules

  1. Age group 5 to 15 is a delicate phase. By setting rules about using cell phones effectively, they are able to view clean, informative and useful contents only which strengthens their mind and makes them smarter.
  2. It creates a clean internet surfing habit in children and teenagers. They may feel safe and secure and cannot be distracted.
  3. Children and teenagers develop good moral characters, disciplined and patience habits.
  4. They will always feel safe whenever they are far from home. Children could trust their parents and hence, a strong bond is created between parents and children.
  5. Communication power increases in children and teenagers as they get engaged in social media, online games and more other applications. It makes them socially active.

Disadvantages of not following cell phone use rules

  1. Children and teenagers get distracted in their day to day activities like studying, doing assignments, and more
  2. Not following effective rules may lead them to bear cybersquatting, abuse, threats, phone theft, and more other crimes.
  3. Your kids may watch content that may be unsuitable, unprotected, and unsafe.
  4. Exposure to mobile screens for a long period of time weakens eyesight and the electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phones may lead to many serious health conflicts including mental and physical problems.
  5. Too much use of mobile phones causes isolation in children and teenagers. They may feel irritable with their parents and everything around them irritates them.

Conclusion :

Hence, in order to ensure that your kids are using the internet usefully and efficiently, you should set some rules and regulations. You should set a rule along with a satisfying explanation about why they are needed. Not only children, but you can also follow the rules to set an example for your children and to make them comfortable.


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