6 Christmas Makeup Hacks For The Perfect Look

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It’s that time of year once more! Christmas is only a few weeks away, and the holidays have already begun. With it, the annual custom of Christmas parties will begin.

Chances are, you’ll get invited to a lot of Christmas parties, not forgetting your office Christmas party. Even if you don’t make it to any Christmas party this year, you will still have to look your best when you gather with your family at the Christmas table.

So below, we will share some hacks on how to do the perfect Christmas makeup.

christmas makeup hacks
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Christmas makeup hacks

Prepare ahead of time

The greatest approach to making your makeup look its best is to start with clean, relaxed skin. If you don’t take good care of your skin before your event, no matter how wonderful your makeup is or how many anti-aging recommendations you follow, your final appearance will suffer.

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, make sure you stick to your face care routine and utilize masks that are appropriate for your skin type a day or two before the event.

A clay mask is ideal for oily skin, while a hydrating mask is best for dry skin, and exfoliating is beneficial to all skin types. If you’re going to apply an exfoliating mask, do so as least a day ahead of time to avoid irritation.

christmas makeup looks
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Don’t overdo it

While you want to look your best for this annual celebration, keep in mind that simplicity has its own beauty. Naturally, your makeup will be more intense than your everyday makeup look.

However, you wouldn’t want to show up with a full face of makeup that was heavy on the glitter and bright colors. Make no attempt to be subtle, but keep your make-up at a minimum.

christmas makeup hacks
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Make it last

If you have oily skin that repels makeup, you’ll want to make sure your makeup stays put. Before applying any makeup, make sure your face is completely clean. After that, apply a primer to your face and eye area.

After you’ve finished your makeup, spritz it with setting spray to ensure that it stays in place all night.

Apply a little amount of foundation to your lips before applying lipstick, then layer your color of choice, finishing with a dusting of powder between layers. This will help the color stay on your lips and survive the snacks and drinks at the Christmas dinner or party.

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Warm lips

When it comes to the holidays, red lips reign supreme, but not everyone is comfortable with the appearance. If you don’t like red lips or perhaps red lips aren’t a good match for your outfit, then go for any warm color.

If you’re wearing a dark dress, red lips are a must. The black clothing will tie everything together without being too much. Make sure to select a lipstick color that compliments your skin tone.

If the colors of your attire, on the other hand, clash with red lips, you can choose any warm color that complements your dress. Cinnamon, berry, and burgundy are all wonderful options.

christmas makeup looks
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A little glitter

Even if you don’t wear glitter in everyday life or on special occasions, Christmas is the time to do so. Glitter is a must-have for Christmas makeup. But remember not to overdo it.

Glitter should only be used in one location. It might be your eyes makeup, lips, or a glittering highlighter, but don’t use more than one sparkling element in your appearance.

Nails are an exception; you can easily pair subtle glitter nails with glitter lipstick, for example. Gold glitter is a popular choice for Christmas, but you can choose any shade that complements your outfit.

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A little adventure won’t hurt

With the above in mind, don’t go overboard with your makeup and stick to your beauty comfort zone. There’s no wrong in being a little daring when it comes to Christmas and the holidays in general.

After all, you want to have a good time and show off your festive zeal. If you feel like it, a splash of crimson or a small bit of gold will be more than welcome or even a silly Christmas hair accessory.

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