How To Decorate With Christmas Garland

There’s so much more you can do with Christmas garlands than just using them for your Christmas tree. Just as garlands make your Christmas tree decor stunning, you can also use them around your home to decorate a lot of other things too.

See below for different ways you can decorate with Christmas garland.

Christmas garland decor ideas

Front door

Most people only focus on the interior part of their home when they are decorating for Christmas. But no, you can do better than that. Pay attention to the front of your home too. Let the holiday cheer begin from the front of your home by decorating the front too.

Wow your neighbors, your guests and even passers-by with an enchanting outdoor decor. You can use a Christmas garland to do this. To make it even more magical, string up Christmas lights too.

Although the garland is enough, you can also add other things to your outdoor Christmas decor. Like potted Christmas trees, some Christmas balls and a wreath.

christmas garland decor
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christmas garland decor
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The stairs

If your house is a storey building, then you can also decorate the stairs using a garland. Hang the garland from the top of the stairs to the down. To secure the garland in place, you can tie a bow on it. This will also add to the look of the stairs.

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christmas garland decor
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Yes mirrors. It’s Christmas and every part of your home deserve a holiday makeover. So put a garland around your mirror. This can be in the bedroom, the bathroom or if you have a mirror at the hallway, then you can decorate it with a garland too.

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Hallways and entryway

You can also use the garland to decorate your hallways and entryway. So that once you enter the home, there will be beautiful Christmas decor, right from the entrance to the living room.

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christmas garland decor
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The mantel

If you have a fireplace, then the mantel will also be a good place hang a Christmas garland. Include every part of your home in your decor and let your home spread Christmas cheer throughout the festive season.

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