How To Design A Craft Room

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If you are into DIY and crafts, then having a craft room in your home will be a very great idea. Whether you are into sewing, scrapbooking, or crocheting, whatever it is, you can get a craft room in your home to use as your own working space.

If you have a spare room that you aren’t using for anything, then consider transforming it into a craft room. Even if you don’t have a spare room, there are some parts in your home that can serve this purpose well, the garage or even a space under your stairs can serve this purpose.

Even if you don’t have a whole room to use as a craft room you can delegate a part of a room and design it to be used as your crafting space. Below, we’ll take a look at some ways to design your craft room.

How to design a craft room
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How to design a craft room

Wall colors

The first thing to consider when designing your craft room is the color of the walls. You can always go with your favorite colors or color palette. But if your space is small, then it is advisable to go with lighter walls preferably white as light walls will give the illusion of space and make the room feel spacious.


Since this is going to be a craft room, it is important to choose task lights. These lights are brighter and will help you to see whatever you are working on well. Also, make sure there is enough natural light in the room. During the day time, natural lights will help brighten up the room.

You can also add some more lights to your working space. Desk lamps, overhead lamps among others can all help you get enough lights into the craft room.


For a craft room, we recommend multipurpose furniture. This furniture can be used for so many different things and it can be a space saver too. Also, you can have specific furniture for certain tasks.

Also, make sure you have comfortable seating in the craft room. You are going to spend a lot of time in this room getting work done. So it is important that you feel very comfortable when you are working. So get a comfortable chair. Doing this will help you to avoid back pains and other aches and pains.


For a craft room, storage and more of it is very important. You are going to have so many tools and items for your craft so you also need to have enough storage space for these items.

Some storage ideas for your craft room include storage boxes, wall-mount storage, cube storage, and rolling cart storage.

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Decorate with plants and flowers

Plants and flowers don’t only make your space look lovely and beautiful, but they are also good for your health too. So ensure it’s well decorated with some greens and flowers.

Add wall arts

Use wall arts to make your craft room look even more stunning. For a craft room, you should consider adding some inspirational wall arts. Such arts can be all the boost you need on lazy days to inspire you to work even harder. Hey, you can even do them yourself.

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How to design a craft room
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craft room decor ideas for inspo
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craft room decor ideas for inspo
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