Divorce Solicitors And A Complete Guide To Untying The Knot

Are you looking to divorce your spouse? Are there some questions about the process that you desperately want the answers to? The process can be made simple when you have the assistance of divorce solicitors on hand to help every step of the way.

Reasons to request a divorce petition

In order to seek help from divorce solicitors in Weybridge, one of the parties must first be designated as the petitioner and issue the divorce petition to the other party, based on one of five grounds for divorce.

One of the grounds could be that your partner has committed adultery and you no longer wish to remain married to them. Or if your partner’s behavior is so unreasonable that you decide you cannot remain married and decide divorce is the only reasonable step forward.

Another circumstance that often plays a role in couples parting ways involves periods of separation. If for example your spouse has been living apart from you for two years or more or has deserted you for a continuous period of more than twenty-four months it is grounds for divorce.

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How do I go about divorcing my spouse?

To start the process of divorce the most crucial step is to seek the guidance of a trained divorce solicitor. They will be able to help you get the paperwork in order and even attempt a negotiation relating to any children resulting from the marriage or the division of assets.

Which party is responsible for the cost of mediation in a divorce?

It is usually recommended that the cost of the divorce mediation is split between both parties. This way if both sides are financially responsible, they have a shared interest in their contribution to the sessions and this will assist in leading to the best outcome for both sides.

When is mediation not recommended for couples?

Divorce mediation is not seen as appropriate where there is a safety risk involved from either one or both parties. If there is evidence of domestic abuse or child abuse, mediation is not advised in these cases. Mediation is also not viable if there are financial disagreements at play or bankruptcy claims.

Is it possible for my spouse to refuse a divorce?

Unfortunately, it is possible for a spouse to refuse a divorce if they have not lived apart from you for five years or more. This case will then need to go into court as a judge will help decide whether the petition for divorce is warranted or not.

What happens in a divorce procedure?

Once the petition for divorce has been issued an acknowledgment of service will be sent to the other spouse to inform them of the proceedings. The spouse will then be referred to as the respondent and will need to complete the paperwork and return it to the court.

The court will then send a copy of these documents to the divorce solicitors who prepare the paperwork. The next stage of the divorce is called the decree nisi. The petitioner is then able to apply for the decree absolute six weeks and one day after the decree nisi was first pronounced.

The pronouncing of the decree absolute means that you are officially divorced, and you will no longer be united in marriage.

Divorce Solicitors And A Complete Guide To Untying The Knot


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