21 Cute Easter Nails For 2022

With Easter around the corner, it is definitely time to start getting ready for Easter if you haven’t started already. Browse our collection of cute Easter nails for 2022 if you’re stumped on what to do for your Easter nail design.

Easter nails 2022

Pastel nails for Easter

It’s there a time more suitable for pastels than Easter time? This Easter, go for pastel nails. Pastels are simply soft-toned colors and there is a pastel shade for every color. You can even try mixing things up by going for multi-colored nails. So that instead of just one color, combine different colors to make your Easter nails pop.

Floral nails for Easter

Florals are a great Easter nail concept. Getting floral nail designs for Easter is a terrific idea because Easter is always in the spring and spring is when the flowers bloom. Floral stickers, dried flower nail stickers, or even floral designs sketched on the nails are all options.

easter nails 2022
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Eggs and speckled eggs for Easter

You may also opt for the effect of the speckled egg or have some easter egg designs on your nails. Use speckled or glittered nail polish to achieve this look. You can also use black or white nail polish with a dotting tool to achieve this look.

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Easter bunny nails

The Easter bunny is one of the symbolism of Easter. You can have some bunny nail designs for Easter to pay homage to the Easter bunny. There are so many ways to get this done. You can draw on whole bunnies, or just bunny ears.

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