10 Spooky Halloween Cake Ideas

Whether your birthday falls on Halloween or you are simply just throwing a Halloween party, a Halloween cake is a must-have for the day that will have everyone talking about your party.

Even if there’s no party, you can still enjoy some cake at home with your friends and family. Below are some spooky Halloween cake ideas if you have no idea what type of cake to go for.

Halloween cake ideas

Image credit- stephs.sweet.creations

Unicorn mummy cake

This unicorn mummy cake is proof that spooky and fun can come together to make something awesome. If you love unicorns but also want a touch of spooky because it’s Halloween, then this cake is for you.

Image credit- dedesserts

Halloween bat cake

This is a Halloween cake that is simple and easy to do. Adding the bats to the side of the cake and as centerpieces instantly adds a spook factor to this cake.

Image credit- bullbaker_doceria

Eyeballs and teeth cake

How spooky is this eyeballs and teeth cake? I dare you to eat it. Add red food coloring to your ganache to make it the perfect drip for Halloween.

Image credit- lipstickbaker

Haunted house cake

There’s nothing scary about this haunted house. Just because you can’t go into the haunted house doesn’t mean you can’t eat it too.

Image credit- noracakery

Ghost pumpkin cake

I know ghosts are supposed to be scary but this ghost pumpkin cake is a friendly ghost and it even wears a smile to show it.

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Image credit- tatliidusler

Frankenstein cake

Make this Frankenstein cake with a brain on top for Halloween and you will have the whole party talking about your monster cake.

Image credit- wondercakesbcn

Ghost pumpkin layer cake

Want to make a Halloween birthday cake for the kid who loves Halloween without freaking him or her out? Then this ghost pumpkin cake will be an awesome idea.

Image credit- katiecoopcakes

Skull drip cake

Everything about this skull drip cake screams love you to death. You can make this Halloween cake for that special someone in your life who loves Halloween so much.

Image credit- sugarbytracy

halloween honeycomb layer cake

If you love honey and Halloween, then bring your two favourite things together by ding this cake for halloween.

Image credit- loveandsugar.cakery

Skull drip cake

Another take on the skull drip cake that will be perfect for Halloween.


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