6 Tips To Help You Host The Best Garden Party This Summer

Now summer is on its way; it’s time to be thinking about hosting parties and getting together and enjoying the best the sun-drenched days have to offer.

Garden parties, pool parties, and more are the name of the game, and with parties comes the need for good drinks and for you to be the best host possible.

So how can you make things go with a bang for all the right reasons?

6 Tips To Help You Host The Best Garden Party This Summer
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Choose a theme

Before doing anything else, you must choose a theme for your party or get-together. A theme can really help you to pull everything together and set the tone for your party as well as helping with the planning and organizing too. It can help you avoid going over the top and having a jumble of ideas and things going on.

If it’s a simple get-together, then minimal decorations, string lights, and dinnerware can be all you need to get going. At the same time, a birthday milestone celebration might call for more elaborate decorations, including balloons, hanging decorations for trees, seating, table decor, and more.


The last thing you want is for your guests to feel uncomfortable because they’re standing around with nowhere to sit or there not being a place to eat any food you are putting on. While it can be tricky to ensure you can seat everyone, especially if more people turn up than expected, you should at least have seats for all expected or invited guests and a few surpluses.

If you don’t have enough at home, consider investing in party seating if you host frequent get-togethers or hire seating for the event. Depending on the type of event you are throwing, this can be your standard dining chairs, outdoor sofas, lounge sets, inflatable seats, stools, or even oversized ground cushions if you’re inviting children, as This can free up seats for older guests.

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Food and Drink

Not only do your food and drink options need to be plentiful, but you also need to offer a range of different foods to appease different tastes, allergies, religious food requirements, and more. The last thing you want is for the festivities to be cut short because you didn’t have enough food or drink.

You can simply choose to host a bbq and serve food associated with traditional bbq’s with an abundance of side dishes including salad, chips, potato wedges, condiments, and more, while if you are hosting a tea party, then sandwiches, scones, cakes, and finger foods can be all you need.

It is worthwhile specifying to guests if they should bring their own food or if you accept potluck dishes to help you cater for the event and check any dietary requirement ahead of time to ensure you have catered for everyone, including peanut-free environments, vegan or vegetarian options and avoiding shellfish if people have an allergy to crustaceans or more.

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Dress Code

It may not seem like something you need to specify, but it can be worth adding a dress code to your event, even if it’s casual for a summer bbq. If you’re hosting a pool party or people can use your pool, let them know to bring bathing suits if they wish; the same goes for sunbathing or a more formal gathering for an evening party. Not only can this help set the tone, but it can also give guests an idea of what they need to wear, which can benefit everyone attending and hosting.

Weather Contingencies

Garden parties can often be dictated by the weather, and the weather can be unpredictable at best. If the temperature in the outer area can change by the minute, it is worth having weather-related equipment. This can ensure you have space inside for everyone to congregate should the weather make it impossible to stay outside or have gazebos set up or shelters for people to use to stay outdoors, as well as heaters for colder days to keep everyone warm.


Bugs will be the number one uninvited guest at your party whether you want them there or not. Whether they are attracted to the scent of the food or garbage, or it’s simply the season for them to be found en masse in your local area, putting discrete measures in place to protect your guests and your food from bugs will be welcome.

Place citronella candles around your garden, have insect repellants for guests to use around them or on their persons, and keep all food and drinks covered as much as possible to help you avoid wasted food made inedible due to bugs.


Don’t let the small details put you off from hosting your garden party; set a theme and let this help you to determine the course of the event and ensure you throw the best garden party possible.


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