How To Style Lace For Any Event

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Lace is a fabric that has been around for a long time but it never goes out of style. Whether you are a wedding guest or it’s an evening occasion, lace is one fabric that you can never go wrong in.

There are so many different lace designs and patterns to choose from, and aside from that, there are endless possibilities when it comes to what styles you can sew with your lace fabric.

Below are some tips for choosing a dress style for your lace and then how to style your lace dress.

how to style lace
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Tips for styling lace

Personal style

When choosing a dress style for your lace fabric, take into consideration your personal style and your personal preference. Whatever style you choose must reflect who you are. That’s the secret to dressing with confidence.

When you go for a style that isn’t you, you feel self-conscious. So choose the style you are most comfortable with. Also, consider a long dress instead of a short dress for your lace fabric.

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Show off you best feature

When choosing a dress design for your lace fabric, go for a style that highlights your best features. So consider what you love most about yourself. DO you want to show off some cleavage or your legs?

If your breasts are what you would rather show off, go for a style with cleavage. This includes no hands and an off-shoulder. If you would rather show off your legs, then a dress design with a high-length slit will be perfect.

how to style lace
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For shoes, always choose heels. Heels instantly make your look glamourous. Wearing flats with a lace dress is just a no-no. A pair of stilettos will add some form of elegance to your outfit.

But always remember to go for heel length that you can walk comfortably in. If stilettos are a bit much for you, try block heels or a pair of wedge shoes.

how to style lace
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Hair and makeup

With your makeup, don’t overdo it. Go for makeup that is subtle yet striking. Smokey eyes with nude lips will always be a great option. If you decide to go for something more colorful, try not to overdo it.

Just choose one to be bright. That is either choose bright eye makeup or a colorful lipstick but not both.

For hair, you should consider your personal preference and your dress style. A lot of women also choose the hair gear popularly known as gele. Which is also a stylish look for any occasion especially weddings.

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When accessorizing, don’t go overboard. You can simply wear a statement earring with no necklace. The lace fabric and dress style are already stunning on their own, so your accessories must compliment them and not overshadow them.

If you want to wear a necklace, then choose a simple earring to match the necklace. Nothing over the top.

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