10 Lazy Day Family Fun Ideas

Ever find yourself with a lazy day where no one wants to leave the house but everyone is looking for something fun to do? Those are the perfect times to create some memorable family moments right at home. That being the case, let’s s take a look at some lazy day family fun ideas that will keep everyone entertained and engaged without stepping foot outside the door.

10 Lazy Day Family Fun Ideas
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1. A movie marathon

Nothing screams “lazy day” more than a movie marathon. If you have access to streaming sites like Hulu and Disney Plys, then you have endless options available to you – even more if you use a Disney Plus VPN to access shows in other territories. So, sit back, relax and give everyone a chance to pick their favorites while chowing down on popcorn and you will all have a very fun, very relaxing, whale of a time.

2. An indoor picnic

Who said picnics could only be outdoors? Lay out a blanket in the living room, pack a picnic basket with your family’s favorite snacks, and enjoy a meal together. You can even make it thematic, like having a picnic ‘in Paris’ with French cuisine, or ‘on the beach’ with tropical fruits and sandwiches.

3. An artistic afternoon

Gather up art supplies and spend the afternoon creating masterpieces. You can all work on individual pieces or create a large family mural. This is a wonderful way to let everyone’s creativity flow and to encourage self-expression, and it will teach you so much about the rest of your family and how they think and feel. Don’t forget to hang the finished products for everyone to admire!

4. A DIY spa day

You don’t need to go to an expensive spa to relax and get pampered. Turn your home into a spa for the day and it will be just as relaxing. Set up a nail painting station, make DIY face masks, and even create a relaxation area with soothing music. It’s a fun and interactive way to teach kids about self-care which is so important for mental health at any age.

5. Create a cooking challenge

Embrace your inner chefs and host a family cooking or baking challenge. Pick a recipe everyone can participate in and get to work. Whether it’s homemade pizza with personalized toppings, or cupcakes that you can decorate, this activity is sure to be filled with laughter and tasty treats.

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6. Set up a scavenger hunt

Organize an indoor scavenger hunt. Hide small items around the house and give the kids clues to find them. The sense of adventure will add excitement to the day and the prizes at the end will be the perfect reward for their detective skills. The best bit is, once you’ve set it up, you parents will be able to put your feet up and relax while the kids entertain themselves.

7. Bring out the board games

Revive the tradition of family game night with a twist. Dedicate the entire day to playing different board games. From classics like Monopoly and Scrabble to newer games like Codenames or Ticket to Ride, there’s something for everyone, and everyone should have a chance to choose their favorite.

Indulge in some indoor camping
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8. Indulge in some indoor camping

Build a fort or set up a tent in your living room for a fun indoor camping experience. Bring in sleeping bags, flashlights, and s’mores made in the oven to make it more authentic, and if you want to make it really, really realistic, you can even project a starry sky on the ceiling.

9. Settle down for storytime

Have a family read-along or storytelling session. Each member can read a chapter from a book, or you can take turns making up your own story. This can also be a great time to pass down family stories and lore, and if you want to make it really fun, you could even each dress up as a character from the book you are reading, too.

10. Have a home photo shoot

Create a DIY photo booth with props and backdrops using materials you have at home. Everyone can take turns being both the model and the photographer. This activity not only promotes creativity, but also leaves you with keepsakes to remember your fun day.

As you can see, a lazy day at home with the family doesn’t mean a boring day. These fun-filled activities will provide a memorable experience for all family members. So, the next time you find yourself with a free day, turn off your alarm, stay in your pajamas, and enjoy some quality family time with these lazy day family fun ideas.


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