13 Matching Lipstick And Nail Polish Combo

I know we are always trying to match our eye makeup with our lipstick. Finding the best lipstick shade to wear with our eye makeup. But have you ever thought of matching your lipstick with your nail polish?

Yes, this is totally doable and the end result is just stunning. You can do this with any color or nail design you want.

All you need is to get lipstick in the color you want and nail polish in the same color. Depending on the design you go for, you might use just one color or two or more.

Below are some matching lipstick and nail polish combos to give you an idea of what we are talking about.

Matching lipstick and nail polish combos

image credit- orangepocketstudio

Red lipstick and red nails

This is a pretty basic and simple look that anyone can easily pull off. All you need is red lipstick and red nail polish. Really no skills needed here. And red is such a hot and stunning color for every woman.

image credit @vladamua

Red and black ombre

The ombre design although looks gorgeous can be hard to do but no need to fret, you can totally pull it off. For this particular design, the lip ombre design is from left to right.

To do this, line the left side of your lips with a black lipliner and the left side with a red lip liner. Now get your red lipstick and paint the left lips red and the right lips black. Bow in the center where they meet, blend the two colors so that they look like they graduate into each other in the center. For the nails, apply the black nail polish down and then the red polish on the top.

matching lipstick and nail polish combo
image credit- fraeulein.funkelbunt

Nude nails and matching lips

This is also a simple one to do, just get your favorite nude shade for your lipstick and nail polish. Whiles a lot of people shy away from red lipstick, the nude one is one that everyone loves.

image credit- nellemiemani

Red and black

Another red and black combo set with ombre lips. But with this, the lip is fully lined with black and filled to the middle with black then the red lipstick is applied to the inner lips. For the nails, apply black nail polish to the base and once it has dried, use a dotting tool to apply the red on it.

image credit- missjazminad

Galaxy inspired nail and lip combo

This galaxy-inspired nail and lip combo use a darker shade of purple, a lighter shade of purple, pink, and then glitter. This is also an ombre design but with 3 different shades and then a glitter coat on top.

image credit- missjazminad

Pocahontas art

Here the lip and nails are similar and have just one difference. The lip art has Pocahontas but the nail art doesn’t. But everything else is the same as they both use the same colors and designs.

matching lipstick and nail polish combo
image credit- missjazminad

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image credit- missjazminad

Abstract art

If you love art, then you are going to love this particular design that is gaining popularity in the beauty industry lately, the abstract design.

image credit- missjazminad

Multicolored outline

Here both the lips and nails are painted nude but they are outlined with different colors.

image credit- missjazminad

French red

This is also just red except it uses two different shades of red. A matte red and a glittery red. The lips are painted with matte red lipstick and outlined with red glitter lipstick. The nails are also painted with matte red and the tips are designed like inverted french tips using red glitter nail polish.

Nude with black outline

Match your lipstick with your nail design using nude and black. For the lips, use black to line it and paint it nude. For the nails paint them with nude nail polish and using a tiny nail brush and some black nail polish paint a black outline just like french tips and paint another black in the middle.

image credit- mypenandcoffee


This nail and lip art is just so wow. To do this, use pink as your base color, so you paint your lips pink and your nails pink too, then, top them off with some art sprinkles.

matching lipstick and nail polish combo
image credit- graftobianmakeup

Beach themed lip and nail art

Whether you are thinking of going to the beach or you just love the beach, this nail and lip art will be fun to do.

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