10 Meaningful Christmas Tattoo Ideas

People choose to get tattoos for different reasons. And although Christmas comes once a year, there are still people who may want this joyful time of the year to be a part of them all year round. And one way for them to achieve that is to get a Christmas tattoo.

So if you love Christmas and you want this beautiful time of the year to always be a part of you, here are some Christmas tattoo ideas for you.

Christmas tattoo ideas

Christmas tattoo
Image source- connorcurrantattoo

Christmas bell tattoo

Jingle all the way with this beautiful Christmas bell tattoo tied with a cute bow. This bell will have you feeling holly jolly all year round.

Image source- matthewlimberstattoo

Christmas tree tattoo

Is it even Christmas without a tree? Have a beautiful Christmas tree tattoo to remind you of the beauty of the season. Just like a real Christmas tree, your tree can be made to look like any Christmas tree design you like decorated with your favorite Christmas ornaments.

Image source- gonzales_ink

Mickey mouse wreath

If you love Christmas, Disney and wreaths, then this is the Christmas tattoo to go for. A cute mickey mouse wreath tattoo with a bow at the bottom. Just perfect!

Christmas tattoo
Image source- misspoppytattoo

Snow globe

This is like Christmas in a bottle. A snow globe with a snowman, sitting outside on a snowy day infront of a house beautifully decorated for Christmas. So adorable.

Image source- evolvedmagazine

Cute Santa and a reindeer

This is such an adorable tattoo of a very cute Santa with one of his reindeers, also really cute. Definitely going to make anyone who sees it smile.

Christmas tattoo
Image source- newtattoo_qiqi
Image source- heemee.tattoo
Image source- whitewhaleamsterdam

Christmas in a glass

This is such a creative Christmas tattoo design. A Christmas house in a Christmas cocktail.

Image source- lisasinner

Snow globe design

There are so many snow globe designs you can do, Here’s another one. A house with a large Christmas tree and a large candy cane.

Image source- elljaytattoo

Candy cane

Another Christmas tattoo design idea is the candy cane. If you love this candy that is associated with the festive season, then make it a part of you all year round.


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