Mistakes That Nearly Every Musician Makes When Promoting Their Band

If you are a budding musician, then you have probably heard the term “artist image”. For quite some time, musicians have been described by their attributes or genre. Since then, music has changed dramatically, but that being said, some of the basics are the same. Now you do not need to confine your band as being one style of music, but you do need to be able to put a label on it.

A lot of bands make the mistake of not doing this and it makes it harder for them to resonate with a particular audience. If you want to do something about this, then take a look below to see some of the other top mistakes that a lot of musicians make.

Mistakes That Nearly Every Musician Makes When Promoting their Band
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Worrying about Being Heard

There is nothing wrong with you wanting to get your name out there, but that being said, it should not be your priority. You have to focus on making sure that your music is compelling and that it aligns with your image.

If you are lucky enough to have your music heard by your fans then this is great, but if not, you need to make sure that your music stands out from the crowd. If it does, then you will be heard eventually, and this is the only thing you need to be focusing on.

If you want to go at it alone then this is great, but you do need to factor into account how you’re going to get that full sound. If you are a solo artist then one way you can get around this would be for you to buy a drum machine pedal and a looper so you can create the sound of a complete band with ease.

Targeting Everyone

It doesn’t matter how good your music is, because you have to remember that you are never going to please everyone. The best thing you can do here is to try and do away with this notion. Even if you are on the same page as everyone, you have to remember that your music is only ever going to appeal to a certain segment of fans.

With that in mind, you have to make sure that you are laser-focused and that you do not end up directing your focus to a group that is just not interested. If you can adopt this approach then you will be able to save yourself from wasting your time, effort and resources. 

If you want to do something here, then test your music on a variety of different people. Let them hear your music and ask them for their honest feedback. After this point, you can then calibrate your brand and you can make it appeal to your audience.

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Not Having a Plan

Winging it is one of the best ways for you to fail your band. If you do not plan, then you will be making a monumental mistake. The marketing plan you make for yourself should include your goals, your strategies and even your objectives. It should also include your marketing analytics, project timeline and more. If you can ensure that this is the case, then there’s no reason why you should not be able to come out on top.

Not Networking

Talent does play a huge role in making music, but it is not the only factor you should be taking into account. It has to do with what connections you have and whom you know at the end of the day. It might be a club owner who introduces you to his friend who works at a label or that you meet with a new producer. Either way, if you do not network then this will make it harder for you to succeed. Don’t forget to use social media either. By using social media, you can be sure to get the result you want.

Not Having a Solid Email List

Having thousands of followers on your social media account is great, but you have to remember that this doesn’t mean anything if you do not have a way to contact them efficiently. This is why you need email marketing.

Have you ever thought about why musicians sell thousands of album copies within the first week? Or why they can fill clubs out when they go on tour? A lot of it comes down to the fact that they can leverage their fan base and if you use email marketing for yourself, you’ll soon see how beneficial this can be to your brand.


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