10 Adorable Penguin Nails For The Holidays

If you love penguins, then you should consider doing a penguin nail design for the holidays. Penguins are so cute and adorable and with these nail designs, you can have them on your nails. Below are some penguin nails you should consider.

Adorable penguin nails

Image source- ashxmcgrath

For the nail design above, combine elements of the holidays to make your nail design stunning. The index finger has a sweater nail design, the middle finger has a cute little penguin, the ring finger has snowflakes and the pinky is painted with a glitter polish.

penguin nails
Image source- fearlesspolish

If you love pink, then this is definitely the design for you. Pink nails with white stars and gold foil with an accent penguin nail design and oh, the penguin has a star too.

penguin nails
Image source- gilby83_nails

We absolutely love the chilly penguin design. Here we have snowflakes nail designs with two adorable penguins dressed for cold, ready to play in the snow.

Image source- nailsbybriony

Although you can have other nail designs with an accent penguin nail, you can also go for penguin nail designs on all the nails like the one above.

Image source- mygryclaws

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Here we have beautiful silver penguin nails designs with an accent silver glitter polish.

penguin nails
Image source- naillovebycarli

This is a cute yet adorable nail design. The nails are all painted in emerald green, but it has an accent white nail, one with stars and the other with two penguins cuddling.

Image source- hellygreenman

What makes this nail design pop is that it used a blue chrome nail polish. This gives the nail design a bright look.

Image source- laneysbeautyx

For the nail design above you will need a black nail polish and gold glitter polish. Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean you can’t use black. If you are going to go with black, use white for the penguins to make them stand out and then add an accent gold glitter nail, because it’s Christmas.

Image source- rhondabear__

With this penguin nail design, the base color is grey. Three of the nails have snowflakes and the thumb and middle fingers have penguins and snowflakes.

Image source- simonaklika.cz

You can also simply draw just the head of the penguin instead of the full penguin for your nail design. Here we have plum nail designs with snowflakes and rhinestones.


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