8 Prayers For Anxiety Attacks With Images

Anxiety is a common and natural response to stress and challenges in life. Life can sometimes be overwhelming, it’s no wonder that nearly everyone will experience some form of anxiety some point.

Whether it’s work-related stress, financial worries, relationship issues, illness, parenting challenges, or the constant stream of negative news in the media, there are countless triggers that can lead to feelings of anxiety.

It’s important to remember that it’s okay to feel anxious or worried from to time. It’s a normal and common response to the pressures and demands of life. However, when that anxiety becomes overwhelming and starts to interfere with your daily life, it’s important to take steps to manage it.

Panic attacks, in particular, can be especially frightening and debilitating. They can come on suddenly and without warning, leaving you feeling like you are losing control or even having a heart attack. If you find yourself experiencing panic attacks, it’s crucial to seek help from a mental health professional who can provide support and guidance.

When anxiety becomes overwhelming and leads to panic attacks, it can feel like we are drowning in our worries and fears. In these moments of intense anxiety, turning to prayer can be a powerful way to calm our minds and find peace in the midst of chaos.

8 Prayers for anxiety attacks

Prayers for anxiety attacks

Quiet my racing heart

Father in Heaven,
With a sad heart, I come before you today. My own fears and worries have crushed me. Please provide me peace and quiet my racing heart.

Fill me with positivity, and show me that everything is going according to plan. Lead me, Lord, and I’ll follow you with faith.
Thank you for being a source of comfort and calm in my life during difficult times. Amen.

Have mercy on me

Dear God,
There are so many things on my mind that I don’t even know where to start.
I’m worried, I’m stressed and overwhelmed. I feel like I have to carry all these burdens alone. I look around me and there’s no one to help me. So I come to you, Oh Lord, have mercy on me.

Help me, Lord, for I am exhausted. Please relieve me of this burden and give me rest. Be my strength and comfort. Help me to carry on Lord, because I have no one else but you. Thank you for hearing my prayer in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer for anxiety attacks

Lord, take charge

Father in Heaven,
I come to you today with all of my fears and worries. I’ve been trying to do things on my own, but now, I realize that I’m not capable of doing so. So, I hand over everything to you. Lord, take charge.

Forgive me for not coming to you earlier and attempting to do things on my own. Your word assures us that you will bring us joy and peace if we come to you with everything that is bothering us.

So, I’m bringing all of my troubles to you today. Father God, take them away from me and give me peace, joy, and love. Thank you for taking the time to hear my prayers in the name of Jesus,

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Thank you, God

Merciful God,
Thank you for rescuing me.
I call on you whenever things become tough, and you always come through for me.
Thank you for never abandoning me and always being by my side.
Thank you for taking an interest in me, even when I didn’t deserve it.

Thank you for understanding me when no one else does. Thank you for providing me with tranquility when I’m frustrated. Thank you for being so kind to me. Thank you for granting me victory and assisting me in overcoming every obstacle in my path. Thank you for listening to my prayer in the name of Jesus.

Thank you, prayer

Prayers for anxiety attacks

Come into my life

Everlasting Father,
I’m exhausted, I’m broken, and I’m worried. Everything in my life appears to be a struggle right now, and nothing is going my way. Everything seems to be going bad now for me. It’s like I’m in a battle with everything and I’m losing.

I need you more than ever in my life, Lord. I trust and believe that once you come in, you will be able to turn my life around. So, please come into my life. Seize control of my life and everything I do, Father, and direct my steps in the right direction. I don’t want to continue to struggle. Help me to really surrender everything to you in Jesus’ name so that I can stop worrying. Amen

Teach me to be patient

Dear God,
My mind is disturbed, and my heart is overburdened. I’m stressed, and it’s having a physical, emotional, and mental impact on me. I can’t seem to focus on anything other than worry. Please forgive me for worrying so much instead of praying to you.

Help me in letting go of my anxieties.
Help me to cast all my anxieties on you. Teach me to be patient and have trust that you will make everything wonderful in my life at the appropriate time. Amen

Teach me to be patient

Be my light

Be my light

Merciful Father,
I’ve reached a point in my life where everything is completely dark, and I’m terrified. I’m at a loss for what to do, so I turn to you, Lord. Be my light, guiding me through this darkness, directing my steps, and pointing me in the proper direction. Lead me to your light and teach me to stay in it, in Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen

Strengthen my faith in you

Dear God,
I’ve been praying and waiting for an answer from you, but my troubles don’t seem to be going away. I’m starting to feel a little anxious, and my faith is starting to wane. Assist me in remaining patient and waiting for you.
Assist me in realizing that everything is going according to plan and that I am precisely where you want me to be. As I wait for you, please help me to stay positive.

Please strengthen my faith in you and give me hope. Assist me in trusting your timing. Thank you that what you promised is on the way in Jesus’ name,

Strengthen my faith

It’s important to remember that anxiety is a normal part of the human experience and seeking help from a therapist or counselor is always a good idea if you find yourself struggling with anxiety attacks. But in moments of intense anxiety, turning to prayer can be a comforting and powerful tool to help calm your mind and find peace in the midst of chaos.

So the next time you feel overwhelmed by anxiety, take a moment to pause, breathe deeply, and say a prayer for peace and calm. Trust that God hears your prayers and is always with you, ready to provide comfort and reassurance in times of need.


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