Leopard Print Powder Puff


Apply your loose makeup or body powder with this set of 12 leopard print powder puffs. The soft polyester and sponge material allows you to apply your makeup easily while also keeping the powder on the puff. Each body powder puff measures 3 inches, perfectly sized to fit into your makeup bag, purse, or tote.

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  • Leopard Print Power Puffs: Add this set of leopard print powder puffs to your cosmetic collection and face powder makeup
  • Multi-Purpose: Use the spotted powder puffs for applying talcum powder, loose powder, body powder and shading powder
  • The Perfect Size: Each powder puff measures approximately 3 inches
  • Reliable Quality: The reusable makeup powder puffs are made of easy-to-clean sponge and polyester material; great for sensitive skin


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