Mary Kay Beauty Tools Makeup Brush Set


Beauty and dressing tools to help you achieve this beautiful desire. Make up is an art, in  accordance with the requirements of the professional makeup tool design.  Unique design  style  of brush  designed  for different parts of the face and body.

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Rounge brush: 

Starting from forehead , sweep to the temple to go the toner evenly applied to the face.

Eye shadow:

Apply foundation first and color cover the entire eye, Then depression painted the color of the deepest in the eyebrowa painted below the most  superficial of color, eye shadow brush and then clean uniform.

Lip brush:

Central start from the lips, the first point of color and mouth sweep to go until the lip color evenly and to stop.

Eyebrow shaper:

Trimming eyebrows, can be dual purpose eyebrow comb close to the eyebrows.

Also includes Porch Brush, Eyeshadow Stick and Eye Shaper Brush.


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