16 Productive Things For Teens To Do

The teen phase is the most delicate phase in human life. They experience many physical and mental changes in their bodies which makes them moody, arrogant, and challenging. To help your teens cope with such changes you can enroll them in some useful stuff.

You can help them deal with their new phase of life by supporting them and understanding them. You can keep them busy and happy by following some easy yet productive things to keep your teens busy :

16 things for teens to do

1. Take online course of their interests:

There are many online platforms for learners who have a keen interest in learning about something. Various online study sites have been established so far. Sites such as udemycoursera, stage academy, and more.

Teenagers are curious to learn and discover new things. They could be able to learn new things and apply in their real life. This helps in personal growth and development in teens.

If teen minds are occupied with knowledgeable information, they could be able to develop a better future. They may feel confident and be hardworking in the future.

2. Learn computer basics:

Basic computer skills like typing, setting wallpaper, and more. Teens can learn coding or networking if they’re interested. They can know about software and hardware parts used in computers.

Computer skill is very important. If teens start learning about them earlier, there will not be any problem understanding them later. They may not lack confidence while using it later.

By learning this, they gain useful knowledge and their interest will keep going on. Teens may feel better and busy at the same time. It is good to occupy their mind with something interesting and useful.

3. Learn to bake and cook:

Cooking and baking are basic things that should be known by everyone. Food is a basic need and everyone should be able to cook or bake. Teaching your teens to cook and bake helps them become independent.

If teens are engaged in cooking and baking activities, it develops self-confidence and motivation in them. Teenagers in their early teens mostly leave their home for studies abroad, it will be easier for them to adjust when they know cooking.

The Internet has made it easier to learn cooking online as well. Knowing basic cooking skills, teens will not have to depend on their parents for cooked food. They will be busy and hardworking at the same time.

4. Writing something:

Writing is the best way to keep your teen busy most of the time. Writing a diary, poem, article or story improves their writing skills. Writing enlightens the mind and occupies their mind.

Writing in a diary helps them to share their every thought which keeps their mood on. Writing a poem and reading it out influences their communicating skills and improves their speaking quality.

This not only develops good and positive qualities in them but also makes them analyze everything around them. This keeps them busy and occupied and free from negative thoughts.

Productive things for teens to do

5.  Reading useful books:

Studying is boring for teenagers. But if they read interesting books related to anime, skill development, biography, historical and religious, story books with morals, self motivation, they may find it interesting and could easily develop reading habits.

If they develop a habit of reading books daily, they will be able to explore new things and gain knowledge and their perspective of looking towards themselves and others might change.

It is said that books are man’s best friend. It is true, it supports you to be a better person every day. Reading habits in teenagers will keep them busy and support them to view and analyze the world on their own.

6. Do simple household works:

Simple household works include cleaning rooms, doing laundry, washing dishes, washing cars, vacuum cleaning, and more. These are the basic and simple works everyone should know.

Teenagers should develop the habit of doing such things so that it would be easier for them to adjust when they start living alone after a few years. Teenagers should be able to do such basic things.

Doing these works keep them busy for some time. They could also be able to decorate the room and house and hence, it creates a positive impact on their minds.

7. Watch useful and informative videos:

Watching videos related to technology, science, and the arts creates good vision in teenagers. They could simply catch up with new ideas and new discoveries.

You can make sure they can watch these videos by ensuring you have a good internet connection in your home. Slow internet because you live in a rural area? The best rural internet options will ensure your teenagers can watch videos without problems. 

Teenagers will get to know about new ideas regarding their interests and apply them in real life. It creates curiosity and a tendency to try new things which help develop their mind.

To save your teens from watching inappropriate contents, you can use fenced.ai app to monitor their device by blocking unnecessary content so that they could have safe web surfing.

8. Learning arts and crafts:

Learning arts and crafts is the best way to keep your teenagers busy. Dancing, singing, drawing, sketching, painting, and more arts do not let them become monotonous.

Using DIY ideas to make crafts also make them productive and witty. This will teach them to generate their own ideas in everything they do. It keeps their brain active and makes them mentally strong.

Hence, art and craft keep your teenagers busy, productive, intelligent and also maintain decision-making abilities in them.

9. Exercise, yoga, and meditation:

Through exercise, yoga and motivation, they could be mentally and physically fit. Applying such activities in their daily life, they develop a habit of being healthy and self care.

Meditating for some time activates inner peace and hence, they could focus and concentrate more on everything they do.Exercising and yoga make them healthy and free from many diseases.

Doing few yoga and exercises, their body becomes flexible. This utilizes their time in a better way. They might enjoy and love practicing such activities.

10. Outdoor games:

Outdoor play activities include games such as football, basketball, table tennis, badminton, volleyball, and many more. Engaging your teenagers in such outdoor activities is fun and productive.

Such activities help improve their qualities such as leadership, team worker, communication, discipline, and more. Teenagers love to enjoy such company and activities.

These types of activities enhance their personal growth, makes them physically and mentally fit and satisfied.

11. Indoor play activities:

Chess, card games, ludo and snake games, quiz, spelling match are some indoor games that teenagers would love. Indoor games keep them busy inside the home.

Indoor games teach them about the value of family, unity, and coordination. This helps create peace and harmony among family members.

Such activities also improve their thinking ability, how to use brains and how to tackle problems on their own. Hence, indoor activities are the best options to keep your teenagers busy.

12. Watch useful movies:

Simply, letting your teenagers watch movies may not sound good for some parents. But this is also the best way to keep your kids busy for a few hours. Movies may be of any kinds such as sci-fi, animated, biographic, historic, religious, and more.

 Letting your teenagers watch such productive movies utilizes their time in the best way. Such movies help them know about new discoveries, future possibilities, learn about great personalities and others.

Sometimes watching movies enhances the mind and makes them feel joyful. So managing to watch a movie for less time is not harmful, in fact it is needed for a joyful mind and body.

13. Take them to fun lands and picnics:

Taking your teenagers in fun land and making them enjoy the game activities really refresh their minds. Sometimes going on a picnic taking home cooked food, beverages and playing some games with family boosts their mood.

Letting them enjoy their picnic with their friends is needed for them. They may sometimes want to enjoy quality time with friends, you should allow them

Such mind refreshing activities should be performed so that your teenagers do not feel bored and dull. Relax time is needed sometimes.

14. Visit museums, historical and religious places:

Historical places and museums reflect our culture. It is important for your teenagers to know  in what type of culture they’re being brought up. It helps them to know the past and the changes that have become till now.

Religious places such as temples, monuments, churches and others reflect peace. Visiting such places for a while activates the inner peace. Teenagers should know how to respect religions.

Visiting such places helps them discover peace of mind, know different aspects of culture and religion, helps them become kind and can change their perspective of thinking in a good way.

15. Learn sewing and knitting:

Basic activities like sewing and knitting can be learned by watching videos on YouTube. Such activities not only keep them busy but also generates new skills in them.

They would be able to sew simple clothes and knits caps, socks and other items for their own use. This helps them in designing clothes for themselves and improve their fashion sense and personality.

Hence, learning sewing and knitting is also one of the best ways to keep your children busy along with skills.

16. Join a Science Club

There is nothing more eye-opening and exciting than learning about the world around you and how it operates. Encouraging your teenager to join a local science club at school or in your community is a great way to broaden their knowledge and encourage science in their future career.

Whether they’re learning about magic mushroom spores or conducting their very own baking soda experiments, it’s a great way to broaden their interests. Your teenager will probably take a very keen interest in everything going on in their extra curricular science classes, so why not sign them up and see where the fun takes them?

If you don’t have any science classes locally, you could always buy a kit and conduct your very own at-home experiments with them. Using online guides and experiment kits, you can teach your child so many interesting facts about how things operate in the world around them!


At last, I want to conclude that you can keep your teenagers busy by knowing their interests, hobbies, likes, and dislikes and guiding them about appropriate techniques and platforms to work on it.

15 productive things for teens to do


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