11 Super Hot Red Coffin Nails Designs To Try In 2022

There are so many gorgeous nail polishes you can try this year. And I’m sure by now you are thinking of the next nail polish for your next manicure when you visit the saloon. The nail polish you choose should give you comfort and confidence to face your day.

Going for a bright color for your next manicure is one of the easy ways to go epic and feel the 2022 vibe. One of the most popular bright colors is red color. And this color is especially popular in the month of February because of Valentine’s day. But really, there is no reason you can’t have red nails when you want.

There are different red shades that are gorgeous and also make you come out super hot. Whether you want to wear red polish as bold for your next mani or if you are not a fan of vibrant and want to stick to a dark shade you’ve got you covered for all kinds of red tones.

This post brings to you the red coffin nail designs. This nail color is fantastic and also comes in different tones which gives you the chance to select your dream shade.

Don’t be left out of all the fun of how this nails designs are. That is why you have prepared super hot red coffin nails designs for you to begin the new year. Scroll down to satisfy your manicure desire.

Red coffin nails designs

Sweater french tips

You can’t afford to miss the ever-trending style of the red coffin nails designs. You can have a blend of sweater nails and glitter with a touch of pale pink as your nail design at the beginning of this new year.

red coffin nail designs
Image source- nailbyvan82

Plaid nails

Plaid nails are always going to be gorgeous and red plain nails are just drop dead gorgeous. This pattern adds style and glory to the entire shape of your hand.

red coffin nail designs
Image source- claws_and_nails

Glitter and sweater

You can make your red coffin nails simple yet eye-catching. Here all the nails are painted in one shade of red with an accent nail in a darker shade of red.

red coffin nail designs
Image source- joannasnails

Burgundy nails

Do you wish to go the dark shade style? Then, burgundy is the shade of red for your red coffin nails designs. This nail design has an accent nail with silver glitter french tips.

Add foil

Red coffin nails designs give you the platform to go pro especially if you love red nails with a touch of gold then this is the perfect red coffin nail design you should go for. The patterns are beautiful and perfect to wear for any occasion. And remember to accessorize with gold foil.

Image source- baddienailbarr

Red french with silver glitter

If you love french tips, then this one is for you. It comes with different ways you can wear french tips. Add silver glitter to enhance your design.

Red and nude

Red is such a bold and daring color. So if you cant do all red, then add a nude nail polish to your nail design. Your red coffin nails will still look gorgeous and elegant.

Image source- studio.perlei

Snowflakes and sweaters

This nail design is great for the winter design. All the nails have different designs. There is one nail is nude polish, another with plain red polish, the third nail has nude nail polish with red snowflakes and the fourth nail has a sweater pattern.

Image source- _nailsbykat

Here there are two red french tips, the pinky nail has a bold pattern drawn on it with glitter and white nail polish. You can do the same design or do whatever pattern you desire and accessorize the middle finger with a large nail sticker.

Image source- nailsbymary.j

Polka dots

Polka dots are always going to be gorgeous no matter the season. Although they are mostly popular in spring, there’s no reason you can’t do it when you want.

Image source- rv_makeup

Nude with square tips

This is the moment to have a blend of what is bright and what is neutral. The pale pink color with tiny red strips around the edges of the nails makes them celestial.


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