How To Set Up A Home Bar

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Have you considered having your own bar at home? Sure it is nice to go to the bar every once in a while to have a great time with your friends. But what if you had the bar right in your home?

You can have your favorite drinks on hand and also host your friends whenever you want.

Although this sounds like a great idea, you might be thinking of putting it off because of all the costs involved. Not to worry, a home bar will cost as much as you want it to.

set up a home bar
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Depending on your budget, you can have the home bar you want. And even if your budget isn’t enough for your dream home bar right now, that’s okay, you have to start somewhere and build on it as your budget grows.

So here are a few ideas on setting up a home bar. No matter what your budget is, there are some basic things that every home bar needs.

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Tips for setting up a home bar

Find a space

You need to first consider which spot in your home will be right for your home bar. Really, it doesn’t have to be a big space, you can still have a stylish home bar in a small space. So find the right spot for your home bar.

Even if you are setting up the bar in your kitchen, have an area in the kitchen just for the bar. You want the bar to have its own space in order to keep everything organized.

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Stocking your bar

If you are now setting up your home bar, you may be tempted to go to the store and buy any drinks you think a bar should have just for your bar – well, don’t.

This is a home bar, so be practical. Buy what you will actually use. Stock your bar with drinks you like that you will actually use.

If you love cocktails, write down the ingredients you need for your favorite cocktails and buy your drinks based on this list.

If you are going to have friends over a lot, then it’s okay to include a drink or two that you know your friends really like. But really, your bar doesn’t need every drink.

set up a home bar
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The glassware

Just like the drinks, you might be tempted to have all sorts of fancy glassware in your home bar. But that is also another thing you shouldn’t do.

Only invest in glasses you will actually use. So consider your favorite drinks and cocktails and then get the glasses you will frequently use. Also, remember that the glass you are drinking from doesn’t change the taste of the drink. It is still going to taste the same in any glass.

So invest in basic glassware. This should include lowball glasses, wine glasses and pint glasses. You can consider getting other glassware later.

set up a home bar
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Invest in essential bar tools

Again, consider your favorite drinks and cocktails and invest in the bar tools you will need for them.

Some basic things you will need include a bottle opener, a corkscrew, a shaker, and a mixing glass. You can also invest in a mesh strainer and a peeler or sturdy knife.

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Cocktail books

Since your bar is in your home now and you are going to be making your own drinks, you have to know some cocktail recipes, especially your favorite cocktails.

You can source the internet for cocktail recipes and print them out to have them on hand when you need them. You can also invest in cocktail books and practice making your favorite cocktails in the comfort of your home.

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