5 Foolproof Signs He Wants A Future With You

Relationships can start in a variety of ways. Late-night phone calls, flowers delivered, gifts exchanged, a plethora of dates, or just love at first sight are all examples of how relationships begin. However, there are expectations along the way, regardless of how it began.

Relationships reveal a lot about a person’s personality. There are qualities that you will enjoy, as well as ones that you will despise. It’s natural to desire more from your relationship as it develops, just as it is with anything else.

When people want to know how serious their boyfriends are about their relationship, they frequently ask questions like “Where are we going?” and “What do you see in our future?”

There are several signals to look for to determine whether or not your partner is sincere with you. Whether or not your relationship has a future, or if he’s considering ending it.

Remember that some of these signs are unspoken. Your boyfriend may not even be aware that he is exhibiting these signs. Also, keep in mind that this will allow you to ponder whether or not you want to spend the rest of your life with him. Here’s how you can be certain.

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5 signs he wants a future with you

1. He tells his family and friends about you

You’ve got a keeper if he can’t wait to show you off to his friends and family. This is a critical stage. Some boyfriends will introduce you to their friends and relatives casually. This is a nice thing, but it isn’t what we are discussing here.

When your boyfriend officially introduces you to his family and friends, as his girlfriend and he’s happy to show you off to his entire family, then, yes, he’s serious about you. And he’ll like to start a family with you.

2. He wants to know your family

When he wants to learn more about you, you can bet he’s serious about a future with you. If he asks a lot of questions about you and your family, it means he cares about you and wants to know more about your background.

When he expresses interest in meeting your family or even suggests meeting them, it indicates that he is serious about you and wants to meet them. When he has to spend time with your father, and it doesn’t bother him, it means he knows he will never abandon you, so he doesn’t mind your mind knowing him. When his dedication to meeting your family is often praised by your family, you know he’s a serious guy.

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3. He proposes exclusivity

Another indicator that he’s genuinely into you is if he proposes exclusivity to you. Any man who is truly interested in you would not want you to see other people. Exclusivity is a man’s way of expressing his desire to have you all to himself. A secret message that he only wants to be with you and no one else.

When he does that, it demonstrates his unwavering commitment to you for the rest of your life. Nobody knows what the future holds, but for the time being, if he proposes that the two of you remain exclusive, then you should know that you’re already an important part of his life.

4. He mentions settling down

Your boyfriend will most likely be ready to settle down with you once he has established himself in his ways. Look at his deeds since they speak louder than words. Guys that are serious about becoming serious get a solid job, move into their own apartments, and begin saving for the future. They don’t enjoy blowing their money, going out frequently, or sowing their wild oats.

So, when your guy shows more maturity and simply doesn’t enjoy going out for fun to waste money. If he is always discussing future plans with you, such as how your children will look and the future of your family, you should be aware that he is a man who is completely committed to you.

5. He is continuously looking for your opinion

He always wants your valued opinion and presence, whether it’s about his own interest or something private. He relishes the opportunity to spend time with you. He enjoys talking to you and stays in touch with you regardless of your location. He values and respects you enough to trust you. He pays attention to what you say, ponders deep issues with you, and is always curious about your thoughts.

He always wishes for you to be happy since it makes him happy as well. He always follows through on his promises to you and puts your needs first. When he does things like this, it suggests he’s already made plans for his future that include you.

If your partner exhibits any or all of these characteristics, he is most likely sincere about you and wants a future with you. However, if he’s doing the complete opposite of these, it’s possible that he’s not interested in you or in a future with you. You can try having a chat with him about your relationship to learn more about his objectives, and then you can decide whether or not to stay with him.

5 foolproof signs he wants a future with you
5 signs he wants you in his future


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