23 Fresh Spring Wreaths For Your Home

One way to welcome spring is to get your home ready for spring. This means it’s time to take down the winter decorations and start putting up some spring decorations, which include, of course, floral pieces.

One way to use flowers in your home this spring is to hang a floral wreath. So if you would like to make a spring wreath by yourself, here’s how to.

What you’ll need


To make your spring wreath, you can use either grapevine(twigs) or wire. The pruning shears will be useful for removing excess flowers and foliage. Some flowers you can use for your spring wreath includes; tulips, peonies, orchid, lavender among others. It’s springtime and flowers are in season.

To get started, attach your flowers to your wreath form and make sure they are secure in place. Now if you want to further accessorize your wreath, then you can do that by adding some colorful ribbons, or some butterfly decals.

Also, since easter is always in the spring, you can add a feel of easter by including some easter eggs in your wreath design. See below for some spring wreath ideas.

Beautiful spring wreaths

Photo by glimpseglass
spring wreaths
Photo by yang.florist
Photo by bbj_wreaths
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Photo by juliettedesign
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