These Obstacles Are Getting in the Way of Your Relationship

Healthy relationships require effort and understanding from both parties to make them work. But sometimes, even if the desire for the relationship to work is there, there are obstacles that get in the way of achieving your goal. You can find yourself dealing with issues that prevent you from truly connecting with your partner and working together as a team. These could be problems on your part or theirs, or something that you need to work on together. Not all relationships are meant to be, but it’s often perfectly possible to work on overcoming the obstacles that might be getting in your way.


Poor Communication

Communication should be at the heart of any healthy relationship. Without good communication, you can’t work together as a team. You need to be able to share your concerns, thoughts, and ideas, and you need to be able to listen to your partner. Communication can mean so many things too, from casually exchanging information about your day to solving big problems that you need to tackle together. If you find it hard to communicate in a productive way, there are ways you can work on it. Many couples find that therapy or taking a course can help them learn to communicate more effectively.

Mental Health Problems

Health issues can come between two people in a relationship in many ways. You can address them as a team when they arise, but each of you also has a certain amount of personal responsibility for managing them. Mental health issues, in particular, can have a negative effect on relationships. Seeking treatment, whether it is detox and rehabilitation for an addiction or therapy and medication for depression, is an important step in improving not just romantic relationships but also relationships with friends and family. When you are healthier, you’re in a better position to maintain healthy relationships.

Mismatched Desires and Visions

Shared visions and goals are important in a relationship, but you both have your personal desires too. What you both want won’t always match up exactly, but it’s important to have enough shared goals and vision that your lives can still slot into each other. If what you want from life doesn’t align, it can cause issues in your relationship. That could relate to big dreams for the future, such as having children or moving abroad, but it could also relate to day-to-day wants and needs, including how much alone-time you need or how tidy you want your home to be.

Trust Issues

Trust is the bedrock of any relationship. If there isn’t trust between you, the rest of the relationship is likely to be on shaky ground. Trust is something that builds with your relationship, but it can also be disturbed if either of you feels that your trust has been broken. To ensure there is trust in your relationship, it’s essential to be open with each other, be consistent in what you do and say, and work on practicing forgiveness.

Dealing with obstacles that might be in the way of your relationship is crucial if you want your relationship to be as healthy as possible. The first step is to identify the problems you think could be getting in your way.


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