7 Things You Need if You’re a Parent Going Through a Divorce

Divorcing is never easy, but when you have kids it can be even more complicated and even more heart-wrenching. To make things a little easier on yourself as a divorcing parent, here are a few things you should make sure you have.


1. A Killer Support Team

First things first, you’ll need a rock-solid support team. This isn’t just your legal heavyweights (we’ll get to those in a sec), but the personal cheer squad that’ll keep you sane. Friends, family, your dog, a sympathetic barista—anyone who can offer a shoulder to cry on or at least make you a decent cup of coffee when you feel like you’re living in a telenovela.

2. A Savvy Attorney (or Two)

Enter the legal gladiators. If you’re a mom navigating these turbulent times, having a mother’s rights attorney can be crucial. They specialize in ensuring that your rights are protected and your voice is heard, especially when it comes to custody and support issues. Think of them as your personal legal superhero, cape and all (cape not actually included).

3. A Trusty Therapist

Divorce can do a number on your mental health, and let’s be honest, venting to your cat just isn’t the same as professional help. A good therapist can help you sort through the emotional roller coaster and come out stronger on the other side. Plus, it’s nice to have someone whose job it is to listen to all your problems—and who can provide more constructive feedback than Mr. Whiskers.

4. Coping Mechanisms That Don’t Involve Texting Your Ex

Whether it’s yoga, painting, or becoming the karaoke star you were always meant to be, find something that helps you relieve stress. These activities aren’t just distractions; they’re lifelines. And the best part? They’re a lot healthier than crafting passive-aggressive texts to your soon-to-be ex.

5. A Communication Strategy

Speaking of exes, figuring out how to communicate effectively during a divorce, especially when kids are involved, is a must. Tools like co-parenting apps can help manage schedules, share important updates about the kids, and avoid unnecessary conflict. It’s like having a personal assistant to manage the chaos—minus the hefty salary.

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6. A Financial Planner

Divorce can mean big changes to your finances, so it’s a smart move to have a financial planner in your corner. They can help you make sense of your new budget, plan for the future, and ensure you’re not just surviving financially but thriving. Who said starting over couldn’t be exciting?

7. Patience (A Lot of It)

Last but certainly not least, arm yourself with a hefty dose of patience. Divorce can be a marathon, not a sprint. There will be good days, bad days, and ‘why-is-this-still-my-life’ days. Patience will be your best friend through it all, helping you to take each day as it comes, with grace—or at least without committing any felonies.

Your divorce is never going to be a walk in the park, unfortunately, but if you have all of the above things only your side, then it won’t be as tough as you think!


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