10 Trendy Rubber Band Hairstyles

trendy rubber band hairstyles
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Rubber band hairstyles are creative and attractive ways to style your hair or child’s hair. It simply entails the use of rubber bands to create attractive patterns and divisions in the hair.

Rubber bands are small elastic bands used to tie and keep the hair in place. They come in a variety of colors. So, when it comes to choosing a color, it’s essentially a matter of personal preference.

Colorful rubber bands are ideal for a child’s hair. These allow you to make one-of-a-kind and stunning hairstyles for your child’s hair while also serving as a hair ornament.

But that doesn’t mean that adults can use colorful rubber bands too. Because of how stunning and colorful it is, it’s a terrific hairstyle for the spring and summer months. But if you don’t like all the colors, you can simply go for black rubber bands.

So, if you always put your hair up in a ponytail because it’s the easiest hairstyle to do, here are some rubber band hairstyles that are just as easy to make as a simple ponytail but seem more attractive. These rubber band hairstyles are simple to put together. All you’ll need are a few rubber bands and you are good to go.

Trendy rubber band hairstyles


A bun is always going to be an exquisite hairstyle. To make your bun even more interesting, add a rubber band pattern to their hair. You can dress up the bun or keep it simple. In either case, it’s lovely and elegant.

trendy rubber band hairstyles
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Rubber band hairstyles look wonderful with ponytails. Apply rubber bands to their hair in any pattern you want, then bind the hair in a ponytail as you come to the back.

trendy rubber band hairstyles
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Diagonal rubber band hairstyle

Divide your hair into three diagonal parts, front, middle, and back, to achieve this style. Using a hair clip, secure each segment. Take the central section and divide it further into four smaller diagonal sections. Then, break each component into smaller pieces and hold them diagonally with rubberbands until you’ve completed each area. Remove the hair clip now.

trendy rubber band hairstyles
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Double bun hairstyle

Why limit yourself to one bun when you can have two? The more buns you have, the more fun you’ll have. Hold your hair in two buns like these ones below.

Image credit- mi_princesa_samara
trendy rubber band hairstyles
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Straight back

Although you can tie your hair up in a bun, ponytail, or puff, or you can let it down and let it fall straight back.  If your hair is curly naturally, you can use a flat iron to achieve this look, consider reading this comprehensive review of top-rated straighteners before buying one.

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Rubber band cornrows

Cornrows are very beautiful but can be difficult to do by yourself. One way to do cornrows easily is by using rubber bands. It helps to secure the hair in place and makes your cornrow look neat and beautiful.

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