11 Lovely Valentine Wreaths For Your Home

One way to beautify your home for Valentine’s day is to use valentine wreaths. If you haven’t yet taken down your Christmas wreaths and Christmas decor, then this is the time to do so, and start getting your home ready for valentine’s day.

Below, we’ve shared some valentine wreaths that will make any home welcoming this Valentine’s day. All the images have been linked to their respective owners, that is if you want to know more about the wreaths.

Valentine wreaths for your home

Photo by ladyjs_creates

This burlap wreath is just so lovely and perfect for Valentine’s day. It uses pink and red and that make it perfect for Valentine’s day and it’s accessorized with some heart strings.

Photo by e.g.wreaths

This is a great idea to repurpose your Christmas decor pieces. Use your Christmas ball ornaments to make a lovely heart wreath just like the one above.

This kissing valentine wreath is so adorable. If you are having a valentine’s day party, then this wreath will make a great addition to your party decor.

Photo by ladyjs_creates

Isn’t that true? All we all really need is love and this wreath is packed full of love to spread love in your home this Valentine’s day.

For the green lovers, this twine wreath will make the perfect Valentine’s day wreath for your home.

valentine wreaths
Photo by tannersbrideteaches

Another wreath using Christmas balls, but this time around the balls are only at one side.

Photo by bbj_wreaths

Another burlap wreath for your Valentine decor. What I like about this wreath is that, due to the neutral color of the burlap, you can remove Valentine’s day sign after valentine’s day and use the wreath for another season or occasion.

How gorgeous is this valentine’s day wreath? Black and white red. You can hang it on your front door, or a wall in your living room or kitchen.

Love makes everything better and the shape of this Valentine’s day wreath is even more stunning. Welcome your guest with a wreath shaped like a heart.

Photo by decoexchange

Roses for valentine. This rose wreath is just so lovely, perfect for the one who loves roses.

valentine wreaths
Photo by elizamaco

You can also opt for pompom wreath to beautify your home this valentine’s day.


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