10 Cute Watermelon Nails For The Summer

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Its summer, and this means that it is finally time to wear bright and vibrant colors and oh come out to have fun. Wearing bright colors isn’t just about fashion and outfits.

Whether you want colorful hair, colorful makeup, or colorful outfits, we are all for it because it’s the summer. Don’t forget about your nails too, because are you fully dressed without a beautiful manicure, oh and pedicure too? Don’t forget to show your feet some loving this summer.

Talking about beautiful and colorful manicure, one theme we totally love is fruit themed nails. So today, we’ve put together some watermelon nails you would totally want to do this summer.

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It’s pretty amazing that watermelon is everywhere during summer. I mean the sun is out, everyone and everywhere is hot, so watermelon definitely makes summer better.

Eating them helps keep you hydrated, you can also use them for smoothies in the mornings. And in the afternoons, they make really refreshing cocktails.

So if you love watermelon and you want to get watermelon nails this summer, here are some ideas for you.

watermelon nails
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How to do watermelon nails

There are two ways to do watermelon nails. You can either paint them on or use watermelon nail arts and stickers. Using watermelon nail stickers is the fastest and easiest method. All you have to do is stick them on your nails and voila, your beautiful watermelon nails are done.

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The next method is to paint them on. You can have this done by a professional nail technician but if you like to do it yourself, you can totally do so as it is very easy to do. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to achieve watermelon nails:

What you’ll need

  • Red or pink nail polish
  • 2 green nail polishes in different shades. One deep green and one light green.
  • White nail polish
  • Black nail polish
  • Small nail brush
  • Dotting tool
watermelon nail designs
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Step 1: Start by prepping your nails. File them into your desired shape push back your cuticles.

Step 2: Apply a base coat to protect your nails and help your nail polish adhere better.

Step 3: Paint your nails with a light pink or green polish as the base color. Let it dry completely.

Step 4: Using a nail art brush or a toothpick, create a thin line of black polish at the tip of your nail to represent the watermelon seeds. You can make them as small or as big as you like, and you can vary the number of seeds on each nail.

watermelon nails
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Step 5: Use a green nail polish or a green nail art pen to create the rind of the watermelon. Start at the tip of your nail and paint a curved line to the middle of your nail. Fill in the top half of your nail with the green polish.

Step 6: Once the green polish is dry, use a white nail polish or nail art pen to create the white part of the watermelon rind. Paint a thin line under the green rind and fill in the bottom half of your nail with white.

Step 7: Finish off your watermelon nails with a top coat to seal in your design and add shine.

And there you have it – adorable watermelon nails perfect for summer! These nails are sure to put a smile on your face and brighten up your day. So grab your nail polish and get creative with this fun and trendy nail design. Enjoy!

watermelon nails
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When it comes to watermelon nail design, there are different ways to achieve this look if you decide to paint them on. This is because there are so many watermelon nail design but whichever nail design you decide to go for, will use the same tools.

You can go through our collection to see which design you would want to go for. You can use the tiny nail brush to paint the stripes. And the you can use the dotting tool to dot the design like watermelon seeds.

Whichever design you choose will turn out beautiful, so it’s really about personal preference.

watermelon nails
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watermelon nail designs
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watermelon nail designs
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