10 Stunning Wedding Nails For Brides

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Every woman’s wedding day is one of the most memorable days of her life. Every girl has fantasized about what her wedding day will be like at some point in her life.

Her hair, her makeup, her wedding dress as well as her nails. Nails are a very important part of weddings because your hands play major roles on your wedding day.

You have to hold your wedding bouquet and also when the wedding ring is eventually put on your nails, you want your nails to be exceptionally beautiful.

wedding nails
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Tips for getting the best wedding nails

Choose the right nail design for you

There are so many wedding nail design ideas on the internet for you, all of which are stunning. But you have to make sure that whichever nail design you select is right for you.

It’s not just about how beautiful the design is, you also have to consider the length of the nail and which length you will be most comfortable with. Another thing to consider is the colors involved. You have to consider your skin tone and what colors will complement your skin tone.

Another important factor to consider is if your nail stylist can do the design you have chosen. It can be very heartbreaking to have your mind and heart set on a design only to find out that your nail technician can’t do it. So select at least three different nail designs, just in case

wedding nails
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Don’t wait till the last minute

Whilst the idea of having a fresh manicure for your wedding day sounds great, you don’t have to wait till the last minute to get your nails done.

So get your nails done at least two days before your wedding or even a day before, waiting till the morning of the wedding can make you rush and you won’t get the design you so desire.

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wedding nails
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Have a back up plan

Since you will be doing your nails earlier, you have to make sure you have a backup in case of an emergency. So have at hand some nail polish in the shade of your wedding nails, that way if there is a chip or something, you can simply paint over it.

Also, try not to use your hands so much after fixing your wedding nails, that way you don’t risk chipping the nails or something.

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Wedding nail design ideas

On your wedding day, nail designs and manicures are a great way to express yourself even more, and there are a lot of designs to pick from.

Simple classic designs, french nail designs, ombre nail designs, and sparkling nail designs for the bride who wants to make a statement with her nails are all available.

Most brides choose neutral shades for their bridal nail polish; these neutral hues have a subtle way of contributing to your style, giving it that exquisite touch.

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