How Can You Start A Weight Loss Regime After Childbirth?

Pregnancy and giving birth to your child are both wonderful and challenging times for your body and mind. And it’s inevitable that your weight increases while pregnant. It’s stressful for your already exhausted mind if you keep worrying about the excess weight after the delivery, especially when you have to take care of your newborn.

While you are in a hurry to lose the baby weight after delivery, you should keep it real and let your body heal first before you go on diets and do exercises. Whether it’s c-sec or vaginal delivery, your body undergoes several changes where it needs time to heal before you fall into a weight loss regime.

People who can afford can appoint a personal trainer for the proper diet and nutrition (read here what can a personal trainer do for you), or you can start with basic walking after your doctor said it’s ok to start with exercise.

Here are some more tips on how to start a weight loss regime after childbirth:

6 tips for your weight loss regime after childbirth

6 tips for your weight loss regime after childbirth

Don’t exhaust your body and start with light exercises

Your body stresses a lot while you’re taking care of your baby. You often feel tired and may not have the energy to do heavy exercises. Hence, it’s recommended to start with light cardio exercises like walking and cycling.

The best way to include exercise is by including your baby. Go for a walk with your baby in the stroller and it’s enough for your body to get in motion without exhausting too much. No matter what you do, do it only after getting approval from your doctor.

Say yes to breastfeeding, if possible

Breastfeeding has many benefits both to you and your baby. Research has enough proof that it aids in your weight loss as the production of milk uses the fat in your body. So, if your diet is healthy and stocking up on good fats, you will more likely to lose weight for as long as you continue breastfeeding.

Include protein and fiber-rich foods

You have to monitor what you’re eating and always have balanced meals. Your meals should contain equal portions of carbs, protein, fiber, vitamins, and nutrients. Plan your meals ahead and prep your food accordingly. What you are swallowing after childbirth impacts whether you will lose weight or you put up more. See that you are taking protein and fiber-rich foods.

Don’t prefer junk foods and munch on healthy snacks

After childbirth, you feel immensely hungry, especially if you’re breastfeeding. So, you have to see that you are munching on healthy snacks. Don’t prefer fast food or processed food as they are nutrition less and have high salt and fat content. Prefer hummus, nuts, salads, yogurt, popcorn, cheese, and spiced nuts.

Avoid sweets, sugar, and high-calorie fluids and food

Cravings are there even after your delivery and you may want to eat a lot of sugary food and fluids. However, control your urges and prefer only healthy foods. If not, you will quickly be adding up weight as there is less movement of your body. You don’t want to see you gaining weight even after the delivery. It takes a toll on your mental health. So, always prefer healthy foods and snacks for munching and to satisfy your cravings.

Be Healthy Now. Enjoy Your Old Age Later

All this talk on your health is not for the present but for your later years. If you want to spend a healthy life when you become a senior, then it’s a must to follow a healthy lifestyle when you’re young. You can suffer from fewer health problems and can enjoy a peaceful life later.

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How Can You Start A Weight Loss Regime After Childbirth?

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