10 Elegant White Nail Designs

I know, once you hear white nail designs, you immediately think, plain and boring. But white nails don’t have to be plain and boring. There are stylish ways to rock white nails and we have ten of them here for you.

White nail designs

Ombre with gold accents

Your white nails don’t have to be boring, you can do ombre nails just like the one above and add some gold accents for an elegant touch.

white nail designs
Image credit- brazyy.nailss

White nails with rhinestones

Nail rhinestones come in so many different colors and sizes. Adorn your white nails with these rhinestones in your favorite colors and let your nails dazzle.

white nail designs
Image credit- the_lucky_brunette

Golden stars

Another way to make your white nails stand out is to top them with some gold star stickers. If stars aren’t your thing, you can try gold butterflies, or hearts, or whatever you fancy.

Image credit- nailedbykennaa

Dried flower whites

You can also just paint your nails white and then have an accent nude nail with some white dried flowers just like the one above.

white nail designs
Image credit- nailsby_melisa

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Cow prints

With a black nail polish and a tiny nail brush you can paint on some cow prints to add a bit of style to your plain white nails.

white nail designs
Image credit- beautyc0smetics

Rhinestone glitz

This idea could be ideal for you if you enjoy wearing rhinestones and having brilliant nails. These white nails are embellished with rhinestones of various shapes and sizes. The rhinestones have been arranged in a pattern that adds to the beauty of the nail design.

Image credit- thenailbarofficial

Almonds and fire

These almond-shaped nails are short and classy, perfect for the girl that want something simple yet elegant. It has an accent nude nail with white fire art on it.

Image credit- jet_set_beauty_nails

White and silver

White and silver is another fantastic color combo. This nail design will add some glitz to your nails. It’s a beautiful, flashy, and exquisite design. It’d be ideal for a special occasion when you want your nails to stand out.

Nude ombre

This is another take on ombre nail design. It’s a stunning nail design for the girl who wants to wow everyone. And it has an accent nude nail with flower and rhinestones.

Image credit- wendyybglammin

Butterflies and rhinestones

This is a plain white nail design with an accent nail design. You can use any design for your accent nail design. Whether you want flowers, stars or butterflies as illustrated above.


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