8 Yummy Christmas Treats You Should Make For Your Family

Christmas is a season of giving and sharing. But aside from the sharing of gifts, you can also share some delicious treats for your friends and family. If you love to bake, then you can try your hands on some of these treats.

If baking isn’t your thing but you would love to give it a try, you can find some yummy recipes online to try your hands on. But if you can’t bake, there’s nothing wrong with ordering some Christmas treats for your friends and loved ones. They will still enjoy it. See below for some Christmas treats ideas.

christmas treats
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Christmas spirits treats

This one is definitely for spooky lovers. But no, they aren’t scary, these are your friendly festive spirits, here to make your Christmas fun. Your friends and family will definitely love these ones.

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Christmas cookies

We can all agree that cookies make every occasion better. This Christmas try getting some cookies for your loved ones. If you are a baker, then go on and try your hands on some Christmas cookies. You have have your cookies shaped like Christmas elements, like the Christmas tree, snowflakes, snowman, or even candy cane. Get creative!

christmas treats
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Christmas cake pops

If you love cake pops, then try your hands on some Christmas-themed cake pops. There are so many designs you can try. Like the ones above. Just get some sprinkles in green, red and white to add that festive touch to your cake pops.

Image credit- creatiffcakepops

Creative cake pops

Although you are going for a cake pop design that reflects the Christmas season, there’s really no restriction on the flavor you can opt for. That’s entirely up to you and your preference. So whether you like vanillabean cake pops, lemon pound cake or snow mint is really entirely up to you.

christmas treats
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Christmas cupcakes

You can also serve them some cupcakes instead. Cupcakes gives you more options to show your creativity with different festive designs.

Image credit- cakeboutiquecorfu

Christmas cake

Instead of cupcakes, you can also simply make a cake to serve everyone. All better still, why not serve cakes and cupcakes, After all, it’s the holidays and we all know that calories don’t count on holidays. This cake above is so beautiful and perfect for the season and ohm it’s topped with macaroons.

christmas treats
Image credit- marthamaybakes

Festive cakesicles

These festive cakesicles are definitely going to make the kids happy. And the gold glitter sticks just makes it even more beautiful, not forgetting the bows.

Image credit- seasonal_witch


There’s no way this list can be complete without the mention of doughnuts. These round delicacies will be perfect for Christmas morning breakfast.

This Christmas, enjoy with your family and friends by making them some Christmas treats.


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