18 Simple But Cute Valentine Hairstyles For Kids

I believe that as much as we are preparing the house and almost everything we know to suit our valentine’s holiday so are the kids important as well. I have always believed that if you give kids what they want, those things that keep them happy also lessen the rate of nagging at home. Our kids should be left out of all the fun that comes with valentine’s day.

That is why you must get them set to also enjoy the entire day of expressing love. From their clothing to shoes and even their hair, everything concerning how the kids should like during Valentine is set. That is why for valentine hairstyles for kids to be simple but cute you need to read this article to the end.

These valentine hairstyles for kids helps you to be more creative and also give you more hairstyle to try on your kid’s hair. As a mom, I know that we are mostly busy sometimes, and coming up with elaborate hairstyles for the kids can be difficult. But there are really cool and simple which can still make the kids look cute and pretty adorable. There are many YouTube channels which got hairstyling tutorials that can help ease your mind with coming with a hairstyle for the kids.

These also hairstyles which can be done for both young girls and older girls. That is why to put your mind to ease we’ve rounded up some simple but cute valentine hairstyles for kids. No more wasting of time, scroll down for a selection.

Valentine Hairstyles For Kids That Will Make Them Adorable.

valentine hairstyles for kids
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valentine hairstyles for kids
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Going for half up half down will give her the princess looks she which is. This is one of the valentine hairstyles for kids which can also elevate her confidence level. Style the half up into heart shapes and tie the braid with a yellow or any other either strand you have to add color to the hair.

valentine hairstyles for kids
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For a more simple style for your this valentine’s day, you can go for the crown heart hairstyle. Braid the hair in cornrow around her hair. Create a pretty heart look at the center of the braids. How beautiful she looks now.

valentine hairstyles for kids
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Two braided half buns coming together to form that heart style in your girl’s hair makes her look even more lovely on this day.

Image source- playbraids
Image source- playbraids

This style is the girls who are in love with buns. Buns can work perfectly well for both older and younger girls. Make the bun into one big shape of a heart. Make a little crown around the heart for a cut face of your girl.

valentine hairstyles for kids
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This one is a protective style but can give your girl a great look this valentine’s day. Put the hair into twist-outs. In between the twist-out braid two sets of cornrows. Join every two twist-out with a hairband. Accessories the braids with beads at the ends of the braids.

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A simple updo this valentine’s day for your kid would be simple for even those with less talent about hair. Make a heart shape at one side of the head. Hold the shape heart with a rubber band then braid. Put some beads at the end of the braid

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Image source- toddlerstangles

Even with braids, you can still enjoy the fun of letting your creativity out and also learn more creativity from these valentine hairstyles for kids. Braid the kid’s hair into cornrows then have a design of heart as her hairstyle. This can be a protective style as well. Accessories the beads. You are good to go for this valentine’s day.

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You can also decide for your natural girl, to be in ponytails. Make two ponytails with some braids as crowns around her hair. You also add a little bit of dye into her hair, also in the form of little hearts.

Image source- nehstyles

Tri-hearts is one the coolest valentine hairstyles for kids which you can try on your girl’s hair this Val’s day. Divide the hair into three. Style the heart shape within these three sections. Hold each section with a rubber band then braid. Join two sides of the braids together with a rubber band. Now you can accessories the hair.

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You can make lots of simple but cute valentine hairstyles for kids this season of love. Divide the hair into a pony and hold them with a hairband. At the center of the two ponytails make little hearts, join them with colorful rubber bands.

Image source- choco_choco_012

So cute and beautiful right. All you would need to make one for your kid are rubber bands, ribbon, and a comb to make a love shape using the hair. Make one big love shape with the hair and in it make 3 small love shapes join them together with a bow.


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