The Benefits of Leaving Your Car at Home During Your Travels

If you’re planning on going on a trip in the near future, it’s probably going to be in your best interest not to even drive to the airport, especially if you’re a New Yorker. Traffic is outright brutal, plus there are going to be major costs for parking your car at the airport, and the entire thing is going to be nothing but frustrating. Besides, there’s always that chance of your old car getting damaged, and that’s not a risk most folks are willing to take. Needless to say, it’s far from worth all of the trouble. However, with that said, there are far more benefits and ease if you travel to the airport without your car. 

You’ll be able to use the LaGuardia Airport car service, and you won’t have to worry about any traffic, potential car accidents, or just your car parked in general while you’re away. Of course, there are other options like ride-sharing or public transport, but the whole point is to be able to head to the airport without having to stress over your car in general. 

Sure, while there are conveniences to having your car waiting for you at the airport while you land, for the most part, it’s just better to have this left at home. So, here’s exactly the type of benefits that you can count on!


Cost Savings

Just think about it: parking fees, potential tolls, and the wear and tear on your vehicle can all contribute to the cost of bringing your car on a trip. In general, leaving your car at home means avoiding these awful expenses, allowing you to allocate your travel budget to experiences and activities at your destination that you deserve. Even a chauffeur service or a taxi is still drastically cheaper roundtrip than leaving your car at the airport. So, is that little bit of convenience actually worth it when you can be saving money for your trip?

Think About the Enviroment

While not all options to get to the airport are going to be eco-friendly, for the most part, more options are such as ride-sharing, carpooling, cycling, and using public transport. All of these can significantly reduce your carbon footprint, so if you leave your car at home, this is going to align more with sustainable travel practices.  Sometimes, it pays to think a little more about the environment, and even a small choice like this can really have a positive impact. Even if you own an EV, those still technically use energy, just not as bad as gas-fuel cars. 

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Less Stress is the Best

It doesn’t matter what reason you’re traveling; work, vacation, personal business, you name it, you deserve to have this be as stress-free as possible. Just think about it: if you live in a big city where there are other options for getting to an airport that doesn’t involve driving, those will probably be your best bet. Just think about it: you live in a big city, you’re driving to the airport, and you’re stuck in bad traffic; that’s not something you want to imagine, right? 

Buses usually have their own priority lane, and well, there’s nothing to explain with trains and metros. Opting for alternative transportation allows you to relax and enjoy the journey. Also, what if you’re just not familiar at all with the roads? In general, it’s just better to think of going about this with a stress-free approach. 

No Hassles with Parking

Honestly, parking at the airport is a nightmare. Even those kiss-and-ride spots can be pretty bad, too, since you’re basically timed. So, with that said, is parking your car at the airport really worth it? By leaving your car at home, you sidestep the challenge of searching for parking spaces and can focus on the trip itself. On top of that, leaving your car at home eliminates any worries about the security of your vehicle while you’re away. 


Concerns about break-ins, theft, or damage can be alleviated by entrusting your car to the safety of your home. This doesn’t outright mean that airport parking garages aren’t secure; it’s just a bit too risky. You just never know what will happen. When your car is parked at home, it at least gives the impression of your home, and most homes nowadays have cameras on the outside of their house or even helpful neighbors so you know your car will be safe. 

Plus, airport parking is expensive, especially if you’re going to be away for a series of days. 


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