13 of the Best Jobs for Being Around People

Jobs for being around people are everywhere and can be some of the most rewarding. If you love socializing or, indeed, need it, there are some careers where you can really get to stretch your wings and become part of caring communities. Some of these are associated more with the human side of things, and others use your passion and drive to help others. So, from helping mental health patients to team-based construction work, here are a few suggestions.

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Treatment for Personal Issues

There isn’t a family untouched by the terrible things that can happen to someone in life. Addiction, alcoholism, and anger issues are some of the most common. And it takes a special kind of person to be around and help others with these issues. One of the most challenging examples would be VA rehab. This is given the issues mentioned, coupled with the possibility of PTSD. There could also be other problems, such as physical therapy after losing a limb. 

Mental Health Nursing

There are often reasons why people use drugs and alcohol or any other addiction. But one of the most concerning is genuine mental health conditions that are only made worse by these problems. As a people person with patience, you could help as a mental health carer:

  • Offering respectful advice based on each case is a requirement of the job.
  • You can make good use of any observational skills you have.
  • Communication is a key part of the job among patients and other staff members.
  • You need to exercise your social and psychological skills at the same time.

Sometimes, just listening and attending to specific needs is what makes a great carer or nurse. As a mental health worker, you get to help people at their most vulnerable, where most people would probably think of them as a problem. With patience and skills, you can make a difference.

Jobs for Being Around People Who Are Elderly

Another way of caring for people is by looking after the elderly. This kind of job often attracts people with excellent personal skills because it is a high requirement. However, the sad fact is that not many people have what it takes to look after elders, especially when it comes to dementia. As such, in the UK alone, there is a shortage of around 105,000 elder carers. This could be the job you need to put those excellent interpersonal skills and compassion to use.

Teaching Children and Teenagers

Teaching is a noble profession and one that doesn’t get enough credit. It is hard to teach children, given the many challenges they face today. A good understanding of multiple issues such as ADHD, disabilities, and autism is required in a modern classroom, and maybe you have the right personal skills and patience to deal with kids. But it also takes a little more than these, and using skills and passion to inspire is also a large part of this misunderstood job.

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College and University Teaching

If you don’t have the patience to teach children but still want to inspire and help young people, maybe college teaching is a better fit. Of course, you still need to be aware of many issues like the ones mentioned above. However, the disruption factor is minimized when it comes to teaching a more mature audience. Additionally, you have the privilege of being there at the moments when teens become young adults and begin to show the world what they can do.

Human Resources and Administration

HR and admin get a bad rap sometimes. But there is a lot that goes into each of these, not just putting data into spreadsheets. For example, most admin staff are highly IT literate and need to use various social skills to communicate remotely, via email, or over the phone. There is a skill in speaking to people this way. If you like the logistical side of companies and services, HR can be a good fit if you take personal confidentiality seriously and want to help employees be better.

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Getting into PR and Management

There aren’t many overly unique careers in the world, but public relations is definitely in a league of its own. You may think it means cleaning up the mess of companies when they make a boo-boo. But there is a lot more to PR than that. Here are some interesting reasons for it:

  • Every day is different and presents many new challenges you cannot predict.
  • If you like problem-solving, then PR is one of the best jobs for a brain workout.
  • You can get privileged access to the latest trends and items from your top clients.
  • An efficient mindset and personality work well when relating to other people.
  • The bulk of the job in PR is actually just meeting with people pretty much all day.
  • There is a lot of access to free stuff from your appreciative clients in all sectors.
  • It is one of the few jobs that requires you to use creativity and logic for performance.

PR combines multiple skills and disciplines in a way that not many jobs can offer, and you need a creative approach to problem-solving. From branding and marketing to crisis management, this job offers the chance to work with people on a human level, when you are who they call.

Various Types of Sales Jobs

Sales! Love it or loathe it. It’s been here for a very long time and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. A common misconception about sales is that it is made up of greedy people just looking for the next mark. Of course, there are people like that, but they are the exception. Salespeople are skilled at what they do, and what they do is talk and listen. If you can offer a creative solution to a major problem and engage a customer, then sales might just be the job you’re looking for.

Planning Events such as Weddings

People love events, and weddings are one of the most popular. Yet most don’t realize the work that goes into even a small event. Negotiating better deals, organizing the logistical side of things, and reassuring clients are all part of the job. And not many people can do this well. If you can talk to people at different levels, from the client to suppliers, you have a golden way into event planning and can make friends as well as lifelong clients who trust you with special days.

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Interviewing on Behalf of Employers

Recruitment is one of the most satisfying jobs you can do. People are very vulnerable when they are looking for jobs, and employers need your services. This places you in a unique position to help out everyday people while establishing a professional reputation. Yet the main reason to do this job is that you get to meet tons of people and try to bring the best out of them. It can be rewarding to know you have recruited someone to their dream job that a client will love.

Marketing Jobs for Being Around People

It’s easy to assume marketing is sitting at a desk all day posting to social media. There is, of course, a place for that, yet even today, in a very digital world, 45% of marketing is still done via traditional methods. And that means getting out there and working with people. Working with clients is part of the job. However, the bulk of traditional marketing requires gathering opinions and data. This is done face-to-face with surveys and polls, which requires a “people person.”

Construction and Other Skilled Jobs

Skilled work is almost always done in teams. Construction is one of the best examples because you are never alone. Even for safety’s sake, you will work with others almost all of the time. As such, the promotional and higher level jobs are also excellent for using your social skills well:

  • As a Senior Project Manager, you will have to meet with and coordinate others.
  • Being an Architect requires meeting with clients and project leaders for each job.
  • Civil Engineering puts you in contact with many interesting people.
  • As a Construction Manager, you will work closely with a dedicated team.

Whether you start at the bottom or get into construction after earning a degree, for architecture, for example, working with others is a vital part of the job. You will be required to work with clients and coordinate teams and, therefore, will need excellent communication and organization skills.

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IT, Networking, and Cybersecurity

Most people assume the IT guy works alone, and some do. There is often the stereotype of the grumpy network engineer stomping around to keep the servers safe, but that is only because the job is demanding. Not too long ago, only one person might have been needed. But in today’s world of cyber threats, IT and networking skills require strong coordination between departments and factors into governance and liability presented by the consequences of poor infrastructure.


Helping others with personal issues is one of the best jobs for being around people. Other jobs with people skills include PR, HR, and admin. And modern IT jobs require team-based effort.


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