Protective Hairstyles For Black Women

Want to give your natural tresses a break, then you should consider a protective hairstyle. With protective hairstyles, your natural hair is covered and not exposed thereby protecting it from sun damage and pollutants from the environment. These type of hairstyles also give you a break from having to style your natural hair all the time.

So let’s take a look at some of the protective hairstyles you can do.

Protective hairstyles

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Usually when you talk of protective hairstyles, people instantly think braids, but that isn’t the only option. Putting on weave on is also a protective hairstyle. With this, your natural hair is braided in a cornrow, before the weave is fixed onto your hair. This helps to stop the natural hair from breaking.

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Whether is faux locs, goddess locs or butterfly locs, having your hair in locs is always stunning and your natural hair isn’t exposed.

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Cornrows and feed-in braids are also another way to go. This type of hairstyle can last for 2 months or more if properly maintained. Although, I wouldn’t advice you to leave it for more than 3 months.

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Box braids

Box braids is another popular protective hairstyle.

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