Yes, You Can Leave Your Cat Alone While On Vacation (But There’s A Catch!)’

You think about certain things when weighing up what pet to bring into your home. Often, one of the main reasons you don’t consider getting a dog is that they require constant attention. You can’t leave them alone in the house for too long – a few hours is the maximum! By contrast, cats are more independent creatures capable of being left alone for long periods. 

Cats can be left alone while you’re at work for hours, so it leads many people to ask, can you leave your cat while you’re on vacation? In short: yes, you can – but there’s a catch! 

We’re going to discuss some of the main rules about leaving your cat alone, especially when you’re off on vacation. 


Cats Should Be Left Alone For No More Than 72 Hours

Despite being very independent, it’s unwise to leave your cat alone for longer than 72 hours. As anyone with a cat will know, these furry friends are prone to going off by themselves. You might not see your cat for a few days as it’s roaming the streets and getting fed by the neighbors. They’re used to being away from home, but after a while, they come back. 

When you go away, they don’t think much of it. A day or two passes and it’s normal from the cat’s perspective; to them, you’re just doing what other cats would do if they lived out in the wild. But when it gets beyond the 72-hour mark, they start to worry. Believe it or not, cats do get anxious. They worry about various things, and if they don’t see anyone for 72 hours, they might think they’ve been abandoned. 

Not to mention their water supply could be running low by this point – and possibly even their automated feeder needs topping up. Whichever way you look at it, your cat can no longer be left alone after the initial 72 hours. This is enough for a weekend away, but no longer. 

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You Can Keep Your Cat At Home, Just Be Sure They’re Looked After

There’s no need to take your cat to a cattery when you’re on vacation; they can easily live in your home and have as much fun as they like. If they’re an outdoor cat, you have the cat flap to let them in and out as they please. Indoor cats will have all the fun in the world lazing around the house. 

Just remember to get someone in the house every day or two to check in on the cat. You can use a platform like to do this as it’s easy to hire cat-sitters or people who’ll visit your home, feed your cat, groom them, and then be on their way. If you’ve got family nearby, we’re sure they’re more than willing to stop by and look after your cat now and then. 

In conclusion, you can leave your cat alone while going on vacation but NOT for longer than 72 hours. If you’re going away for longer than this, someone will need to visit your cat and give them some attention every couple of days. 


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