Factors To Consider Before You Get A Pet Dog

Dogs are often referred to as man’s best friend, and many people enjoy the companionship that comes from having a pet dog in their lives. Dogs are by far the most popular pet, and this is demonstrated by a recent pet owner survey.

According to the research, over 65 million households in the United States own at least one dog, making them the most common, with cats and freshwater fish ranking second and third. 

It is easy to see why dogs are such a popular choice of pet. Due to their friendly nature, pet dogs are ideal companions to ease loneliness and are a perfect addition to family life. Welcoming a pet dog into your home can enhance your life in so many ways. However, you need to think carefully before you commit to bringing a new pet into your life. 

Statistics from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) show that 6.3 million pets enter animal sanctuaries every year. Of these animals, 3.1 million are dogs.

While there are many circumstances that can lead to a pet being placed in an animal shelter, many pets find themselves in this position as they have been abandoned by their owners. This demonstrates the importance of carefully considering your decision to get a pet dog before you commit.

Here are the factors to consider before you get a dog:

Factors To Consider Before You Get A Pet Dog
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Where Will You Get the Dog?

As mentioned above, there are many dogs that are currently living in animal shelters, waiting for someone to come along and offer them a home. So, one of the biggest decisions you will need to make when choosing to get a dog is where you will get it from.

Adopting a dog and welcoming it into your family is a lovely thing to do. However, it is important to remember that getting a rescue dog is not always straightforward. A previously abandoned dog may have a lot of issues that you will need to be aware of, and these may require a lot of training and careful handling to solve them. Past neglect or poor breeding may mean that a rescue dog has a range of health issues that need regular medication, so this is another factor that you will need to consider.

Many people choose to buy dogs from a breeder. If you are interested in a specific breed and want a puppy, choosing to buy from a breeder could be a good idea. It is essential you choose the breeder carefully to ensure that they are reputable and that their dogs are healthy and happy. Breeders such as https://chocolatelabradorretriever.ca/lab-puppy-training/ offer training to their puppies, helping to make life with your new pet easier, so this is an option to consider.

How Much Space Do You Have?

Thinking carefully about how much space you have is essential before you choose your new pet. The size of your home’s outdoor and indoor space will impact your choice of dog breed. So, if you live in a top-floor apartment and have no access to a yard, it would be unwise to get a large dog or one that requires lots of exercise.

As well as considering the size of your living space, it is also a good idea to think about the size of your vehicle. While your pet may not need to travel in your car every day, there will be times when you need to drive them to places, such as to see the veterinarian. Therefore, you need a car that your dog can fit inside and sit comfortably.

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Have You Calculated the Costs of Dog Ownership?

You may have spent time saving the money to buy your dream puppy, but you also need to ensure you can afford to care for it properly once it arrives. The cost of owning a dog can be high, and you will need to carefully consider whether you can afford it. 

There are many different costs that come with owning a pet. You will need to think about buying pet insurance, the cost of feeding your animal, grooming costs, and paying for medical treatment when needed.

Some of these costs may be more or less than expected, depending on the breed of dog that you buy. For example, buying a large dog will mean they need to eat more, and this will make your food bills more expensive. Choosing a dog breed with long hair can also increase your costs, as you will need to take them to be groomed more frequently. These costs may seem small in isolation, but they can soon add up.

Have You Calculated the Costs of Dog Ownership?
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How Much Time Do You Have?

Time is something that many people are short of, so you will need to think about this when planning to buy your new pet dog. 

Owning a dog is a time-consuming task, so you need plenty of spare time to dedicate to your new dog. The puppy stage can be particularly demanding, and this can cause issues if you don’t have the time to focus on your new four-legged friend. During the puppy stage, many dogs are into everything around them, so they will need to be carefully supervised to ensure they don’t come to any harm. You may also have to spend lots of time focusing on their training to establish boundaries and to help them learn to go to potty outside. 

Once your dog grows older, it is still crucial to dedicate lots of time to them. You will need to adjust your schedule so that you have time to give your pet plenty of exercise to help them stay healthy and prevent boredom. 


As you can see, there are many different factors to consider before you buy a pet dog. While your new pet will bring lots of joy to your life, it is also vital to remember that dog ownership is a significant responsibility, so you need to ensure it is right for you.


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