More Than Four Walls: 7 Ways To Get Your Little Ones Moving

Navigating the journey of motherhood can often feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack – with one hand and a blindfold! The challenges always seem to pile on, don’t they? And in the age of screens and technology, with the ever-alluring digital world, the challenge to keep our kiddos active feels tenfold.

But there’s a silver lining. Every challenge is an opportunity to get creative, to connect, and to teach life’s essential lessons. So, if you’re in that boat where the TV and computer screens seem to have cast an unbreakable spell on your young ones, you’re not alone. And guess what? Together, we’ll dive into some fantastic ways to break that spell and usher in an era of fun-filled activity.

So, let’s take a deeper look:

children moving

1. Nature Treasure Hunts: 

Remember those days when you’d find yourself chasing after butterflies or looking for the shiniest or flattest stone? Well, it’s time to bring that magic back! Organize nature treasure hunts in your backyard or the local park, and give your kids a list of items they need to find. It could be a pinecone, a feather, or a particular flower. Not only does this get them moving, but it also ignites their observational skills.

2. Family Fitness Fun: 

Family time doesn’t always have to be on the couch, watching a Disney movie. How about a dance-off after dinner? Or a morning yoga session together? It doesn’t have to be serious or structured. Sometimes, just moving to your favorite tune or trying to touch your toes can end in giggles and memories you’ll cherish forever! It’s these little moments that you, as a mom, will remember and hold on to for years to come.

3. DIY Crafty Playgrounds: 

Maybe you’ve got some empty cardboard boxes lying around? Then you can try turning them into make-believe castles or forts. Encourage your kids to paint, cut, and build. And once the crafty fun is done, it’s playtime! They can crawl, jump, or simply laze around, but in a space they’ve created with their own little hands. It’s empowering and active and a great way to get them excited about crafts and DIY.

children moving

4. Enroll In A New Activity: 

Variety is the spice of life, and when it comes to kids, this couldn’t be truer. There’s a world of activities out there waiting for your child to dive into. Maybe it’s the rhythm and jumps of gymnastics, especially those adorable gymnastics classes for toddlers. Or perhaps it’s the creativity of an art class, the discipline of martial arts, or the freedom of a dance workshop. The objective? To help them discover new passions, develop skills, and, of course, to keep them active! So, go ahead, sign up for a new activity, and let them start exploring some new options.

5. Storytime With A Twist: 

Reading is wonderful, no doubt about it. But how about making it a bit more active? Read stories that require movement. For instance, if the character is jumping over a puddle, let your child jump, too. If they’re flying, spread those arms wide and ‘fly’ around the room. It’s immersive and loads of fun. It’s the perfect way to get your kids to use their imaginations so that they can fully immerse themselves in the world of the story, making the characters and settings come alive right before their eyes.

6. Grow A Green Thumb Together: 

Gardening can be therapeutic for you and a learning experience for the kids. Planting seeds, watching them grow, watering, and finally seeing that flower bloom or that veggie ready for picking – it’s magical! This specific activity will teach your kids about hard work, perseverance, outdoor activity, and living a healthy lifestyle. It’s the perfect way to get them to start enjoying a few more veggies on their plates – because who doesn’t want to eat something they grew and picked?

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7. Plan Tech-Free Days: 

Now, this one is probably going to be the most difficult for them. One day a week or even a few hours every day, go tech-free. It might meet with groans initially, but soon, it’ll be something everyone looks forward to. Use this time to walk, play board games, or simply chat. Let the beauty of the world and human connections shine brighter than the screens and provide a refreshing change of pace, reminding everyone of life’s simple yet profound pleasures.

Remember, lovely parents, it’s not about villainizing technology or screens. They have their place and benefits. But, like everything in life, it’s all about balance. And while the journey of finding that balance might seem like walking on a tightrope sometimes, remember you’ve got this! Because there’s a vast, beautiful world out there waiting for you and your kids to explore and enjoy beyond the four walls and screens.


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