Why You Should Teach Your Children American History

As a parent, it’s your job to impart a little wisdom to your children. From knowing how to wash their hands before meals to understanding how to cross the road, you are your child’s biggest teacher.

One element of life that you have to put onto your to-do list is teaching your children all about the history of their country. It doesn’t matter how old they are, either, because history isn’t just taught at a desk at a school. It’s taught in everyday life.

For example, you would be better equipped to discuss National Days when you arm yourself with this guide on flag day for kids. You can talk to them in terms that are easy to understand about Independence Day and Labor Day, too.

All of these National Days are important in the calendar and there will be a time your child asks you what they are for. Are you ready and equipped to answer them honestly? Well, with the help of guides like that one,  you will be! So, why should you teach your child about American History?

Why You Should Teach Your Children American History
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They are little learning sponges

Children love to learn. Every topic, from how grass grows to how flowers pollinate are all up for grabs for kids. When they are in the ‘why’ stage of life, they will ask you why you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, and they’ll ask you why you can’t wear white after Labor Day. These questions may feel easy to answer for you, but your children need to hear the family-friendly answers you can give them. They can then develop their understanding over time.

School may not be as in-depth as you would be

Schools and teachers do a fantastic job, but you don’t get to have much of a say over what your child learns in the classroom. With the help of the right direction from you, your children can develop their understanding of certain topics and learn why their history is so important, too. 

They can develop their identity

Some children really do find themselves more when they have an understanding of their own history. It is natural for people to want to know where they have come from, and this includes children. Understanding why they are celebrating National Days can go a long way to helping them feel proud of where they come from.

Developing their empathy

When children understand something in more detail, including their cultural heritage, they are better equipped to develop empathy. They can learn how to relate to other people that may be different from themselves. They will also learn to empathize with others and that comes with understanding their own history.

History isn’t something that disappears – unless you don’t talk about it. Let your child grow up and be appropriately equipped with the knowledge they need for success, and you will end up with well-rounded, happy and secure adults. History should never be watered down – just explained in a way that’s understanding. 


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