10 Beautiful Summer Toe Nails For 2021

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As the summer sun begins to shine and the temperatures rise, it’s time to give your feet some love and attention. After months of being hidden away in boots and sneakers, it’s time to break out the sandals and open-toe shoes and show off those toes.

A great way to get your feet ready for the summer is by getting a pedicure. Not only does a pedicure make your feet look more beautiful and presentable, but it also has numerous health benefits. A pedicure can help prevent and treat calluses, corns, and cracked heels, as well as promote healthy circulation in your feet.

When it comes to summer pedicures, the options are endless. From fun and colorful nail polish to intricate and detailed nail art, there are so many ways to show off your personal style on your toes. Whether you prefer bold and bright colors or soft and subtle shades, there is a summer pedicure design out there for everyone.

To give you some inspiration for your next pedicure, we’ve shared some photos of gorgeous summer toe nail designs. From floral patterns to tropical themes, these designs are sure to make your feet stand out in the best way possible.

So why not treat yourself to a relaxing pedicure this summer? Not only will it make your feet look and feel amazing, but it will also give you the confidence to show off your toes in all of your favorite summer shoes. After all, a good pedicure is a true lifesaver when it comes to summer foot care.

summer toe nails 2021
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summer toe nails 2021
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Getting your feet ready for summer

Getting your feet ready for summer is not just about picking the right nail polish or finding the best summer toe nail design. It’s about taking care of your feet and making sure that it looks good enough to be on display.

So below are some ways you can take care of your feet at home and get them ready for summer.

Remove your toenail polish

Due to having to wear boots and sneakers for most part of winter and early spring, chances are you do not have any nail polish on your toes, but if you do, then this is the time to remove the nail polish. Although nail polish makes your nails look beautiful, it is good to remove them often and give your nails rest.

summer toe nails 2021
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Soak your feet

After removing the nail polish, it’s time to pamper your feet by soaking your feet. Just soaking your feet in warm water is enough. But if you want, you can add some oils to the water. The water should be warm and not too hot as hot water evaporates quickly and can cause the skin to dry up. So with some warm water, soak your feet for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Exfoliate your feet

Yes, your face isn’t the only part of your body that needs exfoliation. Once you have soaked your feet, the thick and hardened skin on your heels will soften. So this will be the best time to use a pumice stone to gently exfoliate your heels and all other thick layers of skin on your feet.

Exfoliating your feet will help prevent cracks from forming on your heels. But remember not to overdo it as this will cause the skin to be too thinned. When the feet is too thinned it can increase the risk of infection and even cause pain and bleeding.

To keep your skin soft and hydrated and avoid irritation, moisturize your feet right after you exfoliate them.

summer toe nails 2021
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Trim your toenails

Trim your toenails with a stainless steel nail clipper. To avoid over-trimming, cut the toenails straight through. To avoid ingrown toenails and an uneven, raggedy appearance, keep the edges square and don’t round them off.

Practice daily feet care routine

Whiles everyone practice daily and nighttime face and skincare routine, we do not however do the same for our feet. But just like the face and the skin, daily foot care routine will leave your feet looking beautiful.

So soak and exfoliate your feet at least twice a week. Wash your feet thoroughly when you take your bath. Don’t skip your feet when you bath. Pay attention to your feet as you do to your face. Moisturize your feet after bathing. If you have dry feet, then you should invest in a foot softening cream and apply it day and night to help soften your feet.

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Pick a nail polish and nail design

Yes, it is finally time to pick the nail polish you want for your toes this summer. With so many colors and finishes to choose from, the options are truly endless. From soft pastel hues to bold, bright shades, there is something for everyone.

If you prefer a more subtle look, pastel colors like light pink, baby blue, or lavender are perfect for a fresh and feminine touch. These soft shades are versatile and can complement any outfit, making them a great choice for everyday wear.

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On the other hand, if you want to make a statement and go bold with your pedicure, bright colors like neon orange, electric blue, or hot pink are sure to turn heads. These vibrant hues are perfect for showing off your personality and adding a pop of color to your summer look.

When choosing a nail polish, consider your skin tone and personal style to find the perfect shade for you. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new – after all, it’s just nail polish and can easily be changed if you don’t love it.

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No matter what color you choose, make sure to properly prep your nails before painting them to ensure a smooth and long-lasting finish. Start by trimming and filing your nails, then apply a base coat to protect your nails and prevent chipping. Finish with a top coat to seal in the color and add extra shine.

So go ahead and start browsing the nail polish aisle or book a pedicure appointment to find the perfect shade for your toes this summer. Whether you opt for a soft pastel color or a bold, bright hue, remember that the most important thing is to choose a color that makes you feel confident and ready to show off your toes all season long.

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