How To Make Your Diamond Engagement Ring Sparkle

Why do we wear engagement rings? They’re a sign to others that you’re engaged and soon to be married. It’s such a wonderful feeling to know that someone has chosen you as their life partner, and you want to show this off to the world. 

As a result, we want an engagement ring that sparkles and shines. It should be easy for anyone to spot from a distance! How can you make your diamond ring sparkle? Well, there are two approaches…

It begins with the pre-purchase of the ring. You have to know how to find a ring that sparkles. Then, you need to consider general ring maintenance to keep the sparkle for as long as possible.

How To Make Your Diamond Engagement Ring Sparkle
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Choosing an engagement ring that sparkles

When buying a ring, you need to pay attention to one main feature: the cut. 

This refers to how the stone is cut, which influences the sparkle a great deal. You see, cutting styles determine how many facets or edges the diamond has, which influences the way light reflects off it and creates the sparkle effect you love so much. 

Some cuts are much better at getting a sparkle than others. For instance, if we look at a radiant cut diamond vs emerald cut, the radiant one sparkles more. Both cuts are similar, but the first one has more facets to reflect more light. 

The cut quality is also important – look at the diamond grading report to see how well it is cut. An excellent cut diamond will be one that sparkles more effectively. 

Finally, be sure to check the diamond under different types of light. See how it sparkles inside and outside to get a better view of whether it’s the shiniest diamond engagement ring you can buy. 

So, to summarise, the things you should do when choosing an engagement ring that sparkles are: 

  • Select a cutting style that reflects light
  • Opt for an excellent cut quality
  • Check the diamond under different light sources

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Keeping your engagement ring nice and sparkly
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Keeping your engagement ring nice and sparkly

After choosing the perfect engagement ring, what can you do to ensure it stays sparkly? Over time, diamonds can lose their shine if not properly cared for. The good news is that diamond maintenance is fairly straightforward. 

To start, you need to clean your ring every so often. Take it off and soak it in a tub of warm water. You can use a soft soap, but steer clear of any other cleaning chemicals. Soaking it will get rid of any dirt and grime that builds up and stops the sparkliness. Give the diamond a soft scrub with a cloth after five minutes and let it dry thoroughly. 

Other than that, the only thing left to do is book your ring for professional cleaning. This can be done once every couple of years just to ensure it remains in excellent condition. Just like that, your ring sparkles forever! 

Once you’ve got a good engagement ring, it’s very easy to keep it sparkling. Regular cleaning is all that’s necessary, but the main step is finding a sparkly ring to begin with.


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