Designing Your Small Bathroom

When it comes to designing a small bathroom, one important decision to make is whether to go for a bathtub or shower?

Bathtubs are a relic of the Victorian era, whereas showers are sleek and contemporary. But making the choice is more than what is modern and what’s not.

Each of these has advantages and disadvantages, and it is up to the homeowners to determine which they prefer. So we’ll go over some factors to consider when choosing between bathtub and shower for your small bathroom, to help you narrow down your choice.

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Factors to consider when choosing bathtub or shower for your small bathroom

Your budget

Let’s talk about money for a moment. Both of these items will need to be purchased, transported, and installed in your home. This comes at a commensurate financial cost.

Because of the bathtub’s simplistic design, it will be less expensive right away. It also does not necessitate any extra setup. It’s enough to secure it and connect it to a water supply. This is a task that the homeowners can complete on their own.

There are many additional elements in the walk-in shower, such as a unique type of glass or plastic for the cabin. In addition, their floor must be professionally constructed, and in certain circumstances, built in the bathroom. This raises the total cost greatly, giving the bathtub an advantage in this category.

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Which of these do you already own?

The cost is only one aspect of the equation. Do you have a bathtub that you can utilize in your bathroom? Consider the size and quality of the item. If you already have a tub, this is the best option. Shower cabins are the same way.

If you acquired a new property with an existing cabin, you might want to consider upgrading it rather than purchasing a new one. Calculate the cost of all choices with the help of someone knowledgeable, such as a local handyman.

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Do you need addons or upgrades?

Another aspect of this conundrum is whether or not you’ll need any upgrades to the tub or shower. Bathtubs are self-contained, but if older folks are planning to use it, a board across the width is required. This may be used to store shampoo and other bottles, eliminating the need for additional shelves.

Showers are simple, but the style of shower handle you use is always a personal preference. Additionally, benches can be installed, allowing you to shower while sitting.

Who is going to use it?

The difficulty of this subject stems mostly from the ability of either option to meet the needs of end users. You probably already know who will take a bath or shower, so make your decision based on that.

Bathtubs are perfect for bathing tiny children, which would be difficult to do in a shower cabin while standing erect.

Adults and people with mobility issues may benefit more from a walk-in shower cabin. The latter may have difficulty entering a bathtub.

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Which is more energy-efficient?

If you care about the environment and your monthly water cost, energy efficiency should be a consideration.

In comparison to a walk-in shower, a bathtub takes longer to fill and uses more water. Not only does it consume less water for an average-length shower, but it also provides hot water instantaneously and without the need to wait.

Another difficulty with water management is leaks, which are more likely to occur in showers because tubs are composed of metal that does not easily crack or corrode.

Fixing a leaking shower is a difficult task that necessitates the assistance of a plumbing company.

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In the end, it all boils down to your requirements. If you have kids and want to have memories of splashing about with a rubber duck, the bathtub is the place to go. A shower, on the other hand, is a far more practical choice for regular use.

Also, remember that Bathtubs are easier to build than showers, which require the assistance of a specialist. This implies that if you purchase a new home or apartment and decide to install a walk-in shower, you should do so as soon as possible.

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