How To Rock A Watch Like A Boss

Watches are, of course, more than mere timepieces to tell you what hour of the day it is. Instead, they have unique accessories that tell others about your personality, style, and confidence.

However, if you want to rock a watch like a boss, you also need a certain approach. It’s not enough to simply walk into a top-notch jewellery store and pick the most expensive timepiece that catches your eye. A certain refinement is required.

That’s where this post can help. We take a look at how to rock a watch like a boss so you can display your originality and flair. 

How To Rock A Watch Like A Boss
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Choose The Right Watch For Your Lifestyle

First, you’ll want to choose the right watch for your lifestyle. It needs to be something that slots effortlessly into your life and goes with everything you want to spend your time doing. 

For instance, if you play a lot of sports, making an antique, ornate watch with delicate features your timepiece of choice isn’t the best idea! You need something more robust and with better armour. 

At the same time, if you’re the sort of person who lives for the weekend and loves dressing up in designer clothes, then choosing something big and bulky won’t cut it, either. You need to create a balance. 

Match Your Watch To The Occasion

The next step is to pick something that matches the occasion or event. Designer watches are great for black tie affairs and galas, while something more everyday is more suited to work. 

You’ll need to make this call personally. Use your judgement to decide which type of watch to wear to a given event or on a particular day. It can make a tremendous difference in how you look and present yourself. 

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Understand How Your Watch Works

Another thing you’ll want to do to rock a watch like a boss is understand how it works. Knowing the technologies in your timepiece will help you determine whether it is performing optimally, or requires fixing. 

Most modern watches use quartz-based vibrating crystals which keep rhythm incredibly accurately. However, there are some alternative technologies (usually on antique watches) that aren’t as accurate and require more effort to keep in time. 

Experts like Fast-Fix say that many brands have mail-in repair services. You simply mail the item to them via courier, and they will fix it and correct any issues with the timing or mechanism. 

Wear Your Watch With Attitude 

Another way to wear a watch like a boss is to wear it with a certain attitude. You want to feel confident and happy with it, thanks to the unique way it makes you feel. If you can’t celebrate your watch while you wear it, there’s almost no point in having it. 

Remember, it doesn’t matter if you just dropped $100,000 on it or bought it from a friend; what counts is smiling, enjoying the compliments, and letting other people see how grateful you are to be a part of the watch club. 


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