How To Embrace Boho Style

Boho chic has been popular for many years and is a look many people love. But it’s not just regular folks who love to embrace the boho style; it’s also a favorite among celebrities. Kate Moss, Zoë Kravitz, Sienna Miller, Kate Hudson, and the Olsen twins are all fans of this laidback look. So what is boho style, and how can you recreate it yourself?

The boho or bohemian style of dressing may be popular now, but it has actually been around for hundreds of years. The bohemian look was used by creative types, such as writers and artists, who dressed in a way that was viewed as different from the norm.

Wearing bohemian clothing was another way of expressing their differences from the rest of society. Much of the boho style seen nowadays is influenced by fashion from the late 1960s and early 1970s when the hippy movement was at its peak. 

If you are looking for boho women clothing but are unsure how to perfect the boho chic look, you will find all you need to know here. When it comes to boho dressing, there are no strict rules, as that would go against the idea of the carefree bohemian way of life.

But, if you want to create a pulled-together boho look rather than looking like you have gotten dressed in the dark, follow some of these tips. Take a look at how to change your look and embrace boho style:

How To Embrace Boho Style
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Think Fit

Boho clothing mostly features floaty fabrics that add to its laid-back appeal. Think flowing maxi dresses, long skirts, kaftans, and wide-leg jeans; you will soon have perfected boho chic.

Due to the loose layers often worn as part of the boho look, it is a great choice for summer. The light layers of fabric will help to keep you cool even on hot days. This is one of the reasons that boho dressing is such a popular choice at the beach and festivals.

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Look for Detailing

One of the main characteristics of boho clothing for women is its detailing. Exquisitely designed fabrics featuring detailed prints are ideal for this look, and layering them up with different fabric textures is an excellent way to interpret this trend. For example, pairing a cropped crochet tank top with a vintage print kaftan over the top is ideal. 

As well as combining different fabric textures and prints, detailed embellishments are also heavily featured in the boho look. This detailing could include tassels, folk art-style embroidery, or fringing.

Add Accessories

No boho look is complete without accessories. It is the accessories that bring the entire look together and create the laid-back vibe that the bohemian style is so famous for.

Layering up necklaces and bracelets, wearing an anklet, and dangly earrings are boho staples. But your accessorizing doesn’t need to end there. Adding scarves to any outfit can add an instant dose of boho chic. Once you have added your accessories, you will be rocking the carefree boho vibe.


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