Protecting Yourself During Divorce: 5 Tips for Surviving This Time

Sadly, almost 50% of marriages in the US end in divorce. Whether this is your first, second, third, or even fifth marriage, the chances of a divorce occurring are on the high side for current relationships.

While it might seem inevitable that you will come to this point in your relationship, there are ways couples can avoid the dissolution of their union. However, if you feel this is the right path for you, choosing to end your marriage can help you move on and live the rest of your life.

Divorce is hard on all couples going through this experience. It isn’t fast, and it isn’t easy, and not all couples and their spouses are able to go through the divorce process amicably. Being able to protect yourself during this emotional and stressful time is paramount so you can deal with everything that is happening and not succumb to the stress of the situation.


Separate Finances

A good way to ensure you are safe and secure when cutting ties with your spouse is to detangle your finances as soon as possible. This means talking to any creditors or financial account so you have joint names to alert them of the changes and get things changed to account for a change in your status. Setting up separate bank accounts and changing over direct deposits you might have to go in so you have access to money and freezing any joint cards on credit cards in one person’s name so the other can’t run up huge bills is also a good idea.

Talk to Someone

It doesn’t matter how or why your marriage breaks down; it is still a hard process to go through. Talk to someone, be it a therapist, your family or friends, or the head of a support group, if you are able to, or reach out to a charity to get your help and support during this stressful time.

Don’t Rush

It can be tempting to get the process underway and get your divorce finalized as fast as possible. However, this can lead to you making the wrong decisions and/or feeling pressured to agree or do things that you wouldn’t have normally done to get things done and over. Don’t do this. Allow yourself time to think about what is happening and process everything.

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Get Legal Advice

Even if your divorce is set to be amicable and easy and there are no issues, it is still a good idea to get legal advice from a divorce lawyer such as They can help you ensure that everything has been covered, you’re not missing any important details, and both parties agree to any terms decided upon. Plus, If things do turn at any point and become contentious, then you have someone fighting your corner of hippo you ride out the rough parts.

Stay Calm

Easier said than done; however, but reacting in anger or becoming overly emotional during discussions won’t help you and will ultimately only end up making you feel worse. As much as possible, stay calm during any matters concerning your divorce and wait until you are in a safe space to process your feelings and let them out. Approaching things with a level head can help you to get things sorted easier and allow you to make better decisions than going around in circles arguing and reacting angrily to what is happening.


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