20+ Bug Bunny Tattoo Ideas

Bugs bunny is a very popular cartoon character. Although it was created in the 1930s, it is still very popular today and a lot of people grow up watching this fun animated character. Bugs Bunny is a very clever character and because of that he always tries to outsmart others with trickery and deceit, even still, he is the favorite of many people. Aside from plotting tricks against his opponents, one other thing that Bugs Bunny loves to do even more is to eat carrots.

If you love Bugs Bunny and so want to express your love for this cartoon through body art, then a Bugs Bunny tattoo is what you should go for. There are so many Bugs Bunny tattoo designs you can do. Let’s take a look at some Bugs Bunny tattoo ideas below.

Bugs Bunny tattoo ideas

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Bugs Bunny tattoo ideas waht's up doc?
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