10 Disney Looks By Gina Box You Can Do This Halloween

Gina Box is a social media influencer with over 600,000 followers on Instagram. She posts her outfits and makeup tutorials on her Instagram page ohmygeeee.

In this post, we’ve put together 10 of her best Disney looks. So if you are considering doing a Disney look for Halloween, then here are some looks from Gina you should try.

Disney looks for halloween

Rapunzel - Disney princess looks for halloween


Always wanted to have long hair like Rapunzel? Then this is your chance to get that. If you have a purple dress, throw that on and get a blonde wig. Already blonde? Then some clip-in hair extensions will be enough to complete the look.

Merida - Disney looks for halloween


To get Merida’s look, you’ll need a green long sleeves dress and a curly red hair wig. Don’t forget to grab your bow and arrow because Merida wouldn’t go anywhere without that.


We’ve got the perfect Elsa dress for you here. Add an ice blonde wig and for your makeup, concentrate more on the highlighter. Add a lot of highlighters to make you shimmer and dazzle.


For a Cinderella look, you will need a blue ball dress and a blonde wig. Remember that Cinderella holds her hair in an updo for this look.


Mavis is not your usual Disney princess. She is a vampire and the daughter of Dracula. So for Mavis’s look, you will need some vampire teeth, a dark hair wig and a black long top with leggings.


While most people go for Belle dressed as a princess, Belle’s normal everyday look is also a classic look you can do for Halloween. For this look, you will need a white button-down shirt and a blue pinafore dress.


For Princess Fiona’s look, you will require a green long sleeves dress and a red hair wig but for this one, the wig doesn’t have to be curly, just long enough to be able to braid it. Then put on your crown.


If Belle as a princess is your favorite look, then there’s no reason why you can’t do that. Get a yellow ballgown dress and a brunette wig to style just like the one above.


Wanna be a cowgirl? Then try Jessie from Toy Story. For Jessie’s look, you will need a red hair wig you can braid and a cowboy hat. For the outfit, this costume should do it.

Edna Mode from the incredibles

Edna’s look is also quite easy to do. All you will need are a short bob wig with bangs and some glasses with large circular frames.

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