8 Lovely Heart Hairstyles For Valentine

This Valentine’s day, if you are looking for ideas on styling your hair for Valentine’s day, then you’ve come to the right place. See below for some heart hairstyles for Valentine’s day.

Heart hairstyles for kids

To do this hairstyle for your little one, use a tail comb to part the hair in a way that forms a heart shape. Then add a single line of braid and adorn the hair with a cute hair pin.

Photo by hayvenshair

Here, the heart has been parted into 3 regions. And one side has been braided like a heart. Just so adorable your little girl will love it.

heart hairstyles
Photo by hair_by_roobzie

This is also a simple heart braid you can do for your little one for school.

Heart hairstyle for cut hair

heart hairstyles
Photo by ever4angelina

If you’ve had the big chop and your hair is short like this then you can go bold with a heart shaped dye for your hair this Valentine’s day.

Photo by woongs.st

Another beautiful heart hairstyle which you can do for photos if you have short hair.

Heart hairstyles for long hair

Photo by _heartspoetry

This is such a cute and lovely hairstyle. But unfortunately, it will only make do for a photoshoot as you have to lie down and have your hair styled into hearts.

heart hairstyles
Photo by braidsnfashion

For this hairstyle, part your hair to two equal parts and then take a little piece of hair on the top and braid it in the shape of a heart so that they two parts meet to form a heart.

This is also a stunning hairstyle to do for Valentine’s day, although you might need a professional to fo this particular one for you.


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